1. 15 Sep, 2001 1 commit
  2. 01 Dec, 2000 1 commit
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      Ran check-headers-in-Makefile since we had some problems · 639749bc
      Darin Adler authored
              with that lately. I guess the Tinderbox is the new way to
              catch these problems but I couldn't resist fixing them
              the old way too.
              * check-headers-in-Makefile.pl: Added some more special cases
              in here to make it work better.
              * components/services/install/nautilus-view/Makefile.am:
              Marked the unused files in here as "noinst_HEADERS" as a hack
              to make the script happy. We should delete the files at some
              point if we decide we aren't ever using them.
              * components/loser/content/.cvsignore:
              * components/loser/sidebar/.cvsignore:
              * components/mozilla/.cvsignore:
              * components/sample/.cvsignore:
              * components/services/install/command-line/.cvsignore:
              * libnautilus/.cvsignore:
              * src/.cvsignore:
              * src/file-manager/.cvsignore:
              Removed all the .xml.h files because they aren't put in these
              directories any more so they don't need to be ignored. If you
              have the files still and the cvs warnings bother you, you can
              delete them.
  3. 15 Sep, 2000 1 commit
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      Another try at fixing the Tinderbox. · 4c197a23
      Darin Adler authored
      	* po/POTFILES.in: Removed files that are not in Makefile.am,
      	since they won't be in the tarball/RPM.
      	* check-POTFILES.pl: Added a new script to check for files that
      	are mentioned in POTFILES.in, but not in the Makefile.am files.
      	* check-headers-in-Makefile.pl: Fixed to use SUBDIRS instead of
      	looking for all Makefile.am files.
      	* components/adapter/.cvsignore: Listed generated files.
  4. 05 Jul, 2000 1 commit
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      Wrote a script to check that the Makefile.am file matches what's actually · 11f5ae24
      Darin Adler authored
      	* check-headers-in-Makefile.pl: Wrote a script to check that the
      	Makefile.am file matches what's actually in the directories.
      	* components/html/main.c: Obsolete file.
      	* components/services/time/command-line/Makefile.am: Removed
      	mention of nonexistent trilobite-eazel-sample-service-common.c.
      	* components/services/time/nautilus-view/Makefile.am: Removed
      	mention of nonexistent trilobite-eazel-sample-service-common.c.
      	* libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-icon-grid.c: Obsolete file.
      	* libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-icon-grid.h: Obsolete	file.
      	* nautilus-installer/src/Makefile.am: Fixed typo; it said
      	"installer h" instead of "installer.h".
      	* src/Makefile.am: Added nautilus-search-bar-private.h.
      	* src/file-manager/fm-directory-list.h: Obsolete file.
  5. 09 May, 2000 1 commit
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Added "." parameter to "find" so it works with non-GNU versions of find. · 8ad77275
      Darin Adler authored
      	* check-FIXME.pl:
      	* check-config-h.pl: Added "." parameter to "find" so it works
      	with non-GNU versions of find. This was for Morten, who wanted
      	to run check-config-h.pl on Gnumeric.
      	* libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-directory-async.c:
      	(start_getting_top_lefts): Turn embedded text back on.
      	* libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-directory.c:
      	(nautilus_directory_get_metadata): Fixed a bug that was showing
      	up in "make check".
      	(nautilus_self_check_directory): Got rid of GNOME VFS tests,
      	since I moved the same tests into test-async-cancel in the
      	gnome-vfs module.
  6. 02 May, 2000 2 commits
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Added -print as suggested by Morten Welinder <terra@diku.dk>. Added -print · b350e0b3
      Darin Adler authored
      	* check-FIXME.pl: Added -print as suggested by Morten Welinder
      	* check-config-h.pl: Added -print and fixed broken message as
      	suggested by Morten Welinder <terra@diku.dk>.
      	* libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-icon-factory.h:
      	* libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-icon-factory.c
      	(suffix_is_scalable): Simpler implementation.
      	(get_themed_icon_file_path): Look for size-specific version of
      	even .svg files. Although not so useful, it's not ridiculous to do so.
      	(nautilus_icon_factory_get_icon_for_file): Fixed the twisted logic to
      	be less twisted. Also changed the ".svg" extension check to use the
      	common function suffix_is_scalable.
      	(load_specific_image): Untwist logic here too, and note in the FIXME
      	that both the .svg library and gdk-pixbuf are limiting us to file:
      	URIs, although the gdk-pixbuf case is fixable without redoing the
      	library by just using our utility functions.
      	(load_image_for_scaling): Update for new size request structure which
      	contains maximum sizes as well as nominal ones.
      	(scale_image_and_rectangle), (revise_scale_factors_if_too_big),
      	(scale_image_down_if_too_big): New helper functions for scaling.
      	(load_image_scale_if_necessary): Take the maximum size into account.
      	(get_image_from_cache): Use new size request structure and take the
      	maximum size into account.
      	(nautilus_icon_factory_get_pixbuf_for_icon): Changed to take maximum
      	size parameters and pass them in to the underlying function.
      	(icon_cache_key_hash): Include the maximum size in the hash.
      	(icon_cache_key_equal): Check the maximum size too.
      	(nautilus_icon_factory_get_pixbuf_for_file): Pass new max. size
      	parameters to the nautilus_icon_factory_get_pixbuf_for_icon
      	* libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-icon-container.c
      	(nautilus_icon_container_update_icon): Pass new max. size
      	parameters to the nautilus_icon_factory_get_pixbuf_for_icon
      	* src/file-manager/fm-list-view.c
      	(fm_list_view_get_emblem_pixbufs_for_file): Pass new max. size
      	parameters to the nautilus_icon_factory_get_pixbuf_for_icon
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      Wrote a script to check for files that forget to include <config.h> and · 292a29b6
      Darin Adler authored
      	* check-config-h.pl: Wrote a script to check for files that forget
      	to include <config.h> and optionally edit to add it.
              * src/nautilus-zoom-control.c (set_zoom_level): Fixed the bug
      	number in a FIXME.
              * docs/style-guide.html: Added one more tip.
              * check-FIXME.pl: Use my newfound Perl knowledge to spruce it up.
              * components/help/converters/gnome-db2html2/gdb3html.c:
              * components/help/converters/gnome-db2html2/sect-elements.c:
              * components/help/converters/gnome-db2html2/sect-preparse.c:
              * components/help/converters/gnome-db2html2/toc-elements.c:
              * components/help/converters/gnome-info2html2/html.c:
              * components/help/converters/gnome-info2html2/main.c:
              * components/help/converters/gnome-info2html2/parse.c:
              * components/help/converters/gnome-info2html2/utils.c:
              * components/help/converters/gnome-man2html2/gnome-man2html.c:
              * components/help/hyperbola-filefmt.c:
              * components/help/hyperbola-nav-index.c:
              * components/help/hyperbola-nav-search.c:
              * components/help/hyperbola-nav-tree.c:
              * components/html/glibwww-callbacks.c:
              * components/html/glibwww-init.c:
              * components/html/glibwww-trans.c:
              * components/html/gnome-dialogs.c:
              * components/html/ntl-web-browser.c:
              * components/services/install/eazel-install-metadata.c:
              * components/services/install/eazel-install-protocols.c:
              * components/services/install/eazel-install-rpm-glue.c:
              * components/services/install/eazel-install-tests.c:
              * components/services/install/eazel-install-utils.c:
              * components/services/install/eazel-install-xml-package-list.c:
              * components/services/install/eazel-install.c:
              * components/services/install/helixcode-install-utils.c:
              * components/services/startup/eazel-register.c:
              * components/websearch/ntl-web-search.c:
              * helper-utilities/authenticate/nautilus-authenticate-fork.c:
              * helper-utilities/authenticate/nautilus-authenticate-pam.c:
              * helper-utilities/authenticate/nautilus-authenticate.c:
              * libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-bonobo-extensions.c:
              * libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-file-utilities.c:
              * libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-glib-extensions.c:
              * libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-link.c:
              * libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-mime-type.c:
              * libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-undo-transaction.c:
              * librsvg/art_rgba.c:
              * librsvg/art_rgba_svp.c:
              * librsvg/rsvg-bpath-util.c:
              * librsvg/rsvg-path.c:
              * librsvg/rsvg.c:
              * librsvg/test-rsvg.c:
              * nautilus-widgets/nautilus-caption-table.c:
              * nautilus-widgets/nautilus-password-dialog.c:
              * nautilus-widgets/nautilus-preferences-box.c:
              * nautilus-widgets/nautilus-preferences-dialog.c:
              * nautilus-widgets/nautilus-preferences-group.c:
              * nautilus-widgets/nautilus-preferences-item.c:
              * nautilus-widgets/nautilus-preferences-pane.c:
              * nautilus-widgets/nautilus-radio-button-group.c:
              * nautilus-widgets/test-nautilus-widgets.c:
              * nautilus-widgets/test-preferences.c:
              * src/file-manager/desktop-item.c:
              * src/file-manager/desktop-layout.c:
              * src/file-manager/desktop-menu.c:
              * src/nautilus-bookmarks-window.c:
              * src/nautilus-gconf.c:
      	* src/nautilus-window-menus.c:
              * src/nautilus-window-toolbars.c:
      	* src/nautilus-zoom-control.c
              * src/nautilus-zoomable-frame-svr.c:
              * src/ntl-app.c:
              * src/ntl-content-view.c:
              * src/ntl-main.c:
              * src/ntl-meta-view.c:
              * src/ntl-miniicon.c:
              * src/ntl-uri-map.c:
              * src/ntl-view-frame-svr.c:
              * src/ntl-view.c:
              * src/ntl-window-state.c:
      	Added includes of <config.h>.