1. 19 Jan, 2002 1 commit
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Remove nautilus-launch-icon.png. · 074ed7a0
      Darin Adler authored
      	* Makefile.am: Remove nautilus-launch-icon.png.
      	* components/hardware/nautilus-hardware-view.c: (setup_form_title),
      	(setup_overview_form): Port from EelImage to GtkImage.
      	* components/music/nautilus-music-view.c: Remove unused include.
      	* src/nautilus-theme-selector.c: Remove unused includes.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-bonobo-extensions.c:
      	(bonobo_activation_activation_callback): Add warning message so we
      	get to see the error from bonobo-activation.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory-metafile.c: (get_factory):
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-factory.c: (get_icon_factory),
      	(load_icon_for_scaling), (embed_text):
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-metafile-factory.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-theme.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-trash-monitor.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-volume-monitor.c:
      	* src/file-manager/nautilus-indexing-info.c:
      	* src/nautilus-preferences-dialog.c:
      	* src/nautilus-window.c: (nautilus_window_class_init),
      	Use eel_debug_call_at_shutdown instead of g_atexit.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-file.c:
      	(nautilus_file_get_display_name): Add G_BROKEN_FILENAMES support.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-global-preferences.c:
      	(nautilus_global_preferences_init): Remove eel_smooth_widget code.
      	* libnautilus/Makefile.am: Add missing ORBIT_IDL dependency.
      	* libnautilus/nautilus-view-standard-main.c:
      	(nautilus_view_standard_main_multi): Remove
      	bonobo_ui_debug_shutdown for now. It does us no good unless we
      	also do eel_debug_shut_down, but libnautilus can't depend on eel.
      	* nautilus-launch-icon.png: Remove.
      	* src/file-manager/fm-properties-window.c:
      	(create_image_widget_for_file): Port from EelImage to GtkImage.
      	* src/nautilus-component-adapter-factory.c:
      	(nautilus_component_adapter_factory_get): Use
      	eel_debug_call_at_shutdown instead of g_atexit.
      	(nautilus_component_adapter_factory_create_adapter): Look at
      	exceptions before looking at return values from CORBA calls.
      	* src/nautilus-main.c: (main): Add a call to eel_debug_shut_down.
      	* src/nautilus-property-browser.c:
      	(nautilus_property_browser_init), (element_clicked_callback),
      	(nautilus_property_browser_update_contents): Port from EelViewport
      	to GtkViewport.
      	* src/nautilus-search-bar-criterion.c:
      	(nautilus_search_bar_criterion_new_from_values): Fix for change
      	that made NautilusSignaller no longer a GtkObject.
      	* src/nautilus-sidebar-title.c: (nautilus_sidebar_title_init),
      	(update_icon), (add_emblem): Port from EelImage to GtkImage.
      	* src/nautilus-signaller.h:
      	* src/nautilus-signaller.c: (nautilus_signaller_get_current): Use
      	eel_debug_call_at_shutdown instead of g_atexit.
      	(nautilus_signaller_class_init): Change to GObject, not GtkObject.
      	* src/nautilus-window-menus.c: (get_bookmark_list): Use
      	eel_debug_call_at_shutdown instead of g_atexit.
      	(nautilus_window_initialize_go_menu): Fix for change that made
      	NautilusSignaller no longer a GtkObject.
      	* test/test-nautilus-preferences-change.c: Remove unused include.
      	* test/test-nautilus-preferences-display.c: Remove unused includes.
      	* test/test-nautilus-wrap-table.c: Remove unused includes.
      	* test/test.c: Remove unused function.
      	* test/test.h: Remove unused function.
  2. 18 Jan, 2002 1 commit
    • Michael Meeks's avatar
      don't set the background, it causes a strange segv later. · 1da01a65
      Michael Meeks authored
      2002-01-18  Michael Meeks  <michael@ximian.com>
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory-background.c
      	(image_loading_done_callback): don't set the background, it
      	causes a strange segv later.
      	* src/nautilus-window-toolbars.c
      	(set_widget_for_bonobo_control): fold into
      	(set_up_back_or_forward_toolbar_item): here.
      	(set_up_standard_bonobo_button): kill redundant
      	freeze / thaws.
      	(set_up_special_bonobo_button): don't do nasty
      	pixbuf roundtrips on a NULL icon_file_name
      	(get_pixbuf_for_xml_node): kill - somewhat inefficient.
      	(set_up_special_bonobo_button): set a straight pixbuf
      	on the button item for more speed, and kill bogus
      	in-proc freeze/thaw.
      	(set_up_back_or_forward_toolbar_item): rename to
      	(create_back_or_forward_toolbar_item): this to better
      	reflect function, aggregate a property bag.
      	(back_or_forward_tooblar_item_property_set_cb): impl.
  3. 17 Jan, 2002 4 commits
    • Anders Carlsson's avatar
      Add non-aa pango support. · 2ac12f76
      Anders Carlsson authored
      2002-01-17  Anders Carlsson  <andersca@gnu.org>
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-canvas-item.c:
      	(draw_or_measure_label_text), (update_label_layouts),
      	(get_label_layout), (draw_label_layout), (draw_label_layout_aa),
      	(draw_or_measure_label_text_aa), (nautilus_icon_canvas_item_event):
      	Add non-aa pango support.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory-async.c (make_dot_directory_uri):
      	Do an sync check for the .directory file before scheduling an async read
      	of the file.
    • Anders Carlsson's avatar
      Free the type string. · d9db3dbc
      Anders Carlsson authored
      2002-01-17  Anders Carlsson  <andersca@gnu.org>
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-link-desktop-file.c
      	Free the type string.
      	* src/nautilus-view-frame.c (nautilus_view_frame_selection_changed):
      	Call CORBA_free on uri_list.
      	(send_history): Call CORBA_free on history.
      	* src/nautilus-bookmark-parsing.c (nautilus_bookmark_new_from_node):
      	free icon_mime_type.
      	* src/file-manager/fm-icon-view.c (update_layout_menus): free path.
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Added include needed for compatibility with new gnome-vfs. · 02b737b3
      Darin Adler authored
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-mime-actions.c: Added include
      	needed for compatibility with new gnome-vfs.
      	* src/file-manager/fm-directory-view.c:
      	(set_up_scripts_directory_global): Fix mistake with use of
      	GNOME_DOT_GNOME by using gnome_util_home_file instead.
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Remove unneeded code and restore display-specific registration. This gets · 639ce8e4
      Darin Adler authored
      	* components/hardware/main.c: (main):
      	* components/image-viewer/nautilus-image-view.c:
      	* components/loser/content/main.c: (main):
      	* components/loser/sidebar/main.c: (main):
      	* components/throbber/main.c: (main):
      	* libnautilus/nautilus-view-standard-main.c:
      	* src/nautilus-main.c: (main):
      	Remove unneeded code and restore display-specific registration.
      	This gets rid of a bunch of GNOME2_CONVERSION_COMPLETE ifdefs.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory-metafile-monitor.h:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-metafile-factory.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-metafile-factory.h:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-metafile.h:
      	These had emacs mode lines that said they were IDL files.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory-metafile-monitor.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-metafile-factory.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-metafile.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-undo-context.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-undo-manager.c:
      	* libnautilus/nautilus-undo-transaction.c:
      	* src/nautilus-application.c:
      	* src/nautilus-shell.c:
      	* src/nautilus-view-frame-corba.c:
      	* src/nautilus-sidebar-title.c: (measure_width_callback),
      	(update_more_info): First cut at implementing date that fits into
      	sidebar. Not working yet.
      	* src/nautilus-theme-selector.c:
      	Remove eel_gtk_window_set_up_close_accelerator call, since this is a
      	GtkDialog that comes its own close accelerator.
  4. 15 Jan, 2002 1 commit
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Inspired by a patch from Jacob Berkman <jacob@ximian.com>, got · 79c3c2e7
      Darin Adler authored
      	rid of all the Makefile.am hackery so that everything ends up in
      	the tarball.
      	* configure.in: Bumped version to 1.1.1.
      	* components/Makefile.am: Re-enabled all the subdirs.
      	* components/adapter/Makefile.am: Re-enabled
      	* components/adapter/nautilus-adapter-embeddable-embed-strategy.c:
      	Put an #if GNOME2_CONVERSION_COMPLETE around the whole thing.
      	* components/loser/content/Makefile.am:
      	* components/loser/sidebar/Makefile.am:
      	* components/loser/content/main.c: (loser_make_object), (main):
      	* components/loser/sidebar/main.c: (loser_make_object), (main):
      	* components/loser/content/nautilus-content-loser.c:
      	* components/loser/sidebar/nautilus-sidebar-loser.c:
      	Make these compile, not sure if they actually work.
      	* components/shell/Nautilus_View_shell.server.in: Remove.
      	* components/shell/shell.c: Remove.
      	This component can go in a separate package -- it doesn't need to be
      	part of the main Nautilus source tree.
      	* components/text/Makefile.am: Turned off compiling of the component,
      	but used EXTRA_DIST to make sure the source code still gets into the
      	* components/tree/Makefile.am: Removed $(COMPONENT_LIBS) from the
      	libnautilus_tree_view_la_SOURCES list. Not sure why it was in there.
      	* libnautilus-private/Makefile.am: Remove stale references to the
      	nautilus-druid-related headers.
      	* libnautilus/nautilus-view-standard-main.c:
      	(nautilus_view_standard_main_multi): Remove some
      	GNOME2_CONVERSION_COMPLETE code that is now clearly not going to
      	be needed. Left in the stuff that is a placeholder for things we
      	still need.
      	* src/Makefile.am: Distribute the profiler sources even when they are
      	not built.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-container.c: Whitespace tweak.
  5. 09 Jan, 2002 1 commit
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      First cut at ensuring file names are always valid UTF-8. We probably need · c2db1e57
      Darin Adler authored
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-file.c: (make_valid_utf8),
      	(nautilus_file_get_display_name), (nautilus_file_get_name): First
      	cut at ensuring file names are always valid UTF-8. We probably
      	need other checks like this for various other places we read in
      	external stuff. Also, we might later decide to cache the "made
      	valid" name. Finally, we might want to support the glib
      	G_BROKEN_FILENAMES feature.
  6. 08 Jan, 2002 5 commits
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Mention bad looking text. · 8c8ba31c
      Darin Adler authored
      	* TODO: Mention bad looking text.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-container.c: (destroy),
      	(finalize), (nautilus_icon_container_init), (item_event_callback),
      	Various fixes to make destroy on a NautilusIconContainer work.
      	* components/tree/nautilus-tree-view-dnd.c:
      	(nautilus_tree_view_drag_motion), (nautilus_tree_view_drag_drop),
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-undo-signal-handlers.c:
      	* src/nautilus-bookmarks-window.c: (handle_close_accelerator):
      	Remove unneeded stop_emit-type calls, now that the signal machinery
      	understands that TRUE means to stop emitting in some cases.
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Remove. Remove nautilus-help.desktop since Nautilus isn't the help browser · 2bab818c
      Darin Adler authored
      	* .cvsignore:
      	* Makefile.am:
      	* nautilus-help.desktop.in: Remove.
      	Remove nautilus-help.desktop since Nautilus isn't the help browser
      	any more.
      	* components/adapter/nautilus-adapter-load-strategy.c:
      	* components/news/nautilus-news.c: (set_up_main_widgets):
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-bookmark.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-volume-monitor.c:
      	* src/file-manager/fm-desktop-icon-view.c:
      	(fm_desktop_icon_view_handle_middle_click), (delayed_init),
      	(fm_desktop_icon_view_init), (desktop_icons_compare_callback):
      	* src/nautilus-sidebar.c: (nautilus_sidebar_finalize),
      	(nautilus_sidebar_update_buttons), (nautilus_sidebar_set_uri):
      	Use more g_signal, less gtk_signal stuff.
      	* components/hardware/nautilus-hardware-view.c: (setup_form_title),
      	(setup_overview_form), (setup_CPU_form), (setup_RAM_form),
      	* components/news/nautilus-news.c: (set_up_main_widgets):
      	* src/file-manager/nautilus-indexing-info.c:
      	(update_progress_display), (last_index_time_dialog_new),
      	* src/nautilus-property-browser.c:
      	(nautilus_property_browser_init), (element_clicked_callback),
      	(labeled_image_new), (make_properties_from_directories),
      	(add_reset_property), (make_properties_from_xml_node):
      	* src/nautilus-sidebar-title.c: (nautilus_sidebar_title_init),
      	(nautilus_sidebar_title_select_text_color), (update_title_font),
      	(update_title), (update_more_info),
      	Port more code from EelLabel to GtkLabel. Also change all code that
      	was using things like "make_larger" to use "set_scale" now.
      	* components/music/nautilus-music-view.c: (xpm_label_box),
      	(xpm_dual_label_box), (nautilus_music_view_set_album_image):
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-bookmark.c:
      	* src/nautilus-complex-search-bar.c:
      	Port more code from GtkPixmap to GtkImage.
      	* components/notes/nautilus-notes.c:
      	* components/throbber/nautilus-throbber.c:
      	* src/file-manager/fm-properties-window.c:
      	* src/nautilus-zoom-control.c:
      	Remove extra includes.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-factory.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-factory.h:
      	Remove nautilus_icon_factory_get_pixmap_and_mask_for_file.
      	* src/nautilus-about.c: (draw_aa_string), (draw_author_list),
      	(nautilus_about_draw_info): Port to use Pango to draw the text. It
      	looks really bad right now, but should be straightforward to fix.
    • Anders Carlsson's avatar
      New function to free a handle and it's associated object. · f2d6d7a1
      Anders Carlsson authored
      2002-01-08  Anders Carlsson  <andersca@gnu.org>
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-bonobo-extensions.c (activation_handle_free):
      	New function to free a handle and it's associated object.
      	(activation_idle_callback): Call activation_handle_free.
      	(activation_cancel): Likewise.
    • Anders Carlsson's avatar
      Remove preferences calback in ::finalize. · ab5fb6c7
      Anders Carlsson authored
      2002-01-08  Anders Carlsson  <andersca@gnu.org>
      	* src/nautilus-zoom-control.c (nautilus_zoom_control_finalize): Remove
      	preferences calback in ::finalize.
      	(nautilus_zoom_control_unload_images): Set image pointers to NULL after
      	unloading images.
      	* src/nautilus-window-menus.c: Remove some userlevel #defines.
      	* src/nautilus-switchable-search-bar.c
      	(nautilus_switchable_search_bar_finalize): Remove the preferences callback
      	in ::finalize instead of ::destroy.
      	* src/nautilus-switchable-navigation-bar.c: Create the search bar lazily.
      	Creating the search bar came up high on the profile when creating new windows,
      	and doing it lazily helps, especially when we don't have medusa support yet.
      	(nautilus_switchable_navigation_bar_finalize): Free details in ::finalize.
      	* src/nautilus-simple-search-bar.c (nautilus_simple_search_bar_finalize):
      	Free details in ::finalize.
      	(nautilus_simple_search_bar_destroy): Disable the undo stuff. Perhaps we could
      	call connect to "destroy" in nautilus_undo_set_up_nautilus_entry_for_undo
      	and call nautilus_undo_tear_down_nautilus_entry_for_undo there instead.
      	* src/nautilus-sidebar.c (nautilus_sidebar_init): Ref and sink the title tab.
      	(nautilus_sidebar_finalize): Move things from ::finalize to ::destroy.
      	* src/nautilus-preferences-dialog.c
      	(preferences_dialog_populate_themes_group): The image chooser isn't
      	broken anymore so we can enable it now.
      	* src/nautilus-main.c (main): Call gtk_main instead of bonobo_main
      	since bonobo_main is for non-gui apps and won't be affected by
      	* src/nautilus-location-bar.c: Destroy things in ::finalize
      	instead of in ::destroy.
      	* src/nautilus-profiler.c: Port to GtkTextView.
      	* src/nautilus-application.c (nautilus_application_new):
      	Call bonobo_generic_factory_construct_noreg so that we set
      	the IID.
      	(nautilus_application_destroy): Unref the undo manager
      	in ::destroy instead.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-container.c:
      	Use g_list_sort_with_data when sorting icons so we can get rid
      	of the hack_icon_container hack.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-entry.c: Free details struct
      	in ::finalize instead of in ::destroy
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-dnd.c
      	(confirm_switch_to_manual_layout): Compare with GTK_RESPONSE_YES.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-file-operations.c
      	(confirm_empty_trash): Compare with GTK_RESPONSE_YES.
      So now you know what I've been doing during christmas...
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Fixed to use g_iconv instead of iconv, starting with a patch from Jean · 81054a09
      Darin Adler authored
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-desktop-file-loader.c:
      	(validated_strdup): Fixed to use g_iconv instead of iconv,
      	starting with a patch from Jean Schurger <jschurger@schurger.org>.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-font-factory.c: Remove.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-font-factory.h: Remove.
      	* libnautilus-private/Makefile.am:
      	Remove nautilus-font-factory.[ch].
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-canvas-item.c:
      	(nautilus_icon_canvas_item_get_arg), (draw_or_measure_label_text),
      	Get rid of the "font" arg. We'll have to replace this with something
      	that works with Pango -- maybe just a font name.
      	* src/file-manager/fm-list-view.c: (truncate_middle_callback),
      	(get_cell_text): Turn off the GdkFont ellipsizing code. I hope this
      	just goes away when Anders finishes his port to GtkTextView.
      	* src/file-manager/fm-properties-window.c:
      	(fm_properties_window_class_init), (real_destroy), (real_finalize):
      	Fix a bug where it would try to disconnect a signal on an object
      	that is already NULL by that time.
      	* src/nautilus-profiler.c:
      	(nautilus_profiler_bonobo_ui_report_callback): Disable the dump
      	window, pending a port to GtkTextView instead of GtkText.
      	* components/music/nautilus-music-view.c:
      	* components/news/nautilus-news.c:
      	* components/notes/nautilus-notes.c:
      	* components/text/nautilus-text-view.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-file-operations-progress.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-file-operations.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-container.c:
      	* src/file-manager/fm-icon-view.c:
      	* src/nautilus-sidebar-title.c:
      	Get rid of some includes of unused headers.
  7. 07 Jan, 2002 1 commit
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Integrate patches from Frank Worsley <fworlsey@shaw.ca>. · 4bf5e65e
      Darin Adler authored
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-link.c:
      	(get_link_style_for_mime_type): Fix porting mistake that caused all
      	desktop files to be treated as Nautilus links.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-file.c: (rename_callback):
      	Fix storage leak.
  8. 05 Jan, 2002 1 commit
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      add preload of the gconf cache, to hopefully avoid a zillion round trips · e60f2abe
      Havoc Pennington authored
      2002-01-04  Havoc Pennington  <hp@pobox.com>
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-global-preferences.c
      	(nautilus_global_preferences_init): add preload of the gconf
      	cache, to hopefully avoid a zillion round trips to gconfd on
      	* test/test.c (test_window_new): remove weird gtk_window_set_policy
      	* test/test-nautilus-preferences-display.c: remove user level
      	* test/test-nautilus-preferences-change.c: remove user level stuff
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-global-preferences.c: the default
      	click policy was SPEED_TRADEOFF_LOCAL_ONLY, fix
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus.schemas: add schemas file,
      	incomplete, needs to be finished and installed
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-global-preferences.c: strip out
      	user levels
      	* src/nautilus-shell-ui.xml: strip out user level menu
      	* src/nautilus-window-menus.c: strip out user level menu
  9. 04 Jan, 2002 3 commits
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Fix rubberband selection when the icon view is scrolled by using the · f2ae2a44
      Darin Adler authored
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-container.c:
      	(rubberband_timeout_callback): Fix rubberband selection when
      	the icon view is scrolled by using the bin_window.
      	* src/nautilus-sidebar.c: (nautilus_sidebar_destroy):
      	Fix one of those "double-destroy" problems.
      	* TODO: Formatting tweak.
      	* configure.in: Formatting tweak.
    • Anders Carlsson's avatar
      Update to matched changed return value from nautilus_program_chooser_new · 995efcdf
      Anders Carlsson authored
      2002-01-04  Anders Carlsson  <andersca@gnu.org>
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-program-choosing.c:
      	Update to matched changed return value from
      	nautilus_program_chooser_new ().
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-program-chooser.h:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-program-chooser.c:
      	Port to GtkTreeView, and make NautilusProgramChooser
      	into a real object.
      	* components/Makefile.am: Re-enable the music
      	* components/music/nautilus-music-view.c: Port to
      	GtkTreeView and GNOME2.
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Remove some smooth-font related stuff to get rid of the dependency on · ad4d0191
      Darin Adler authored
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-global-preferences.c:
      	Remove some smooth-font related stuff to get rid of the
      	dependency on EelFontManager.
      	* TODO: Quick update.
  10. 03 Jan, 2002 4 commits
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Updated. · baa64012
      Darin Adler authored
      	* TODO: Updated.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-canvas-item.c:
      	(create_label_layout): Use eel_pango_layout_set_underline.
      	* components/music/nautilus-music-view.c:
      	Don't include EelList.
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Use GnomeCanvasRect instead of EelCanvasRect. We can redo the · 33a7797c
      Darin Adler authored
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-container.c:
      	Use GnomeCanvasRect instead of EelCanvasRect. We can redo the
      	EelCanvasRect optimization if we want to, but it should really
      	be put into libgnomecanvas.
      	* components/music/common.c:
      	* components/music/nautilus-music-view.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-customization-data.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-desktop-file-loader.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory-async.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-file.c:
      	* src/file-manager/fm-desktop-icon-view.c:
      	* src/file-manager/fm-icon-view.c:
      	* src/nautilus-property-browser.c:
      	* src/nautilus-sidebar-title.c:
      	* src/nautilus-window.c:
      	Remove lots of unneeded includes, including all cases of
      	including the locale-sensitive <ctype.h>.
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Remove some help sidebar panel remnants. · 3ae61117
      Darin Adler authored
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-global-preferences.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-sidebar-functions.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-sidebar-functions.h:
      	Remove some help sidebar panel remnants.
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Port from EelLabel to GtkLabel. · fa2a9d00
      Darin Adler authored
      	* components/hardware/nautilus-hardware-view.c:
      	(update_uptime_text), (setup_overview_form):
      	* components/music/nautilus-music-view.c:
      	* src/file-manager/nautilus-indexing-info.c:
      	* src/nautilus-property-browser.c:
      	(nautilus_property_browser_init), (labeled_image_configure),
      	(labeled_image_new), (make_category),
      	* test/test.h:
      	* src/nautilus-shell.c:
      	* src/nautilus-sidebar-title.c: (nautilus_sidebar_title_init):
      	Port from EelLabel to GtkLabel.
      	* components/news/nautilus-news.c: (do_destroy),
      	(draw_rss_logo_image), (draw_rss_title), (draw_rss_items),
      	(nautilus_news_set_title), (free_channel),
      	(empty_message_size_allocate), (set_up_main_widgets),
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-private.h:
      	* src/nautilus-sidebar-tabs.c:
      	(nautilus_sidebar_tabs_init), (nautilus_sidebar_tabs_destroy),
      	(draw_one_tab_plain), (draw_one_tab_themed), (get_tab_width),
      	Port to Pango text instead of Eel text.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-customization-data.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-factory.c:
      	(embedded_text_font_changed_callback), (embed_text):
      	* src/nautilus-about.c: (draw_aa_string), (draw_author_list),
      	(nautilus_about_draw_info), (nautilus_about_update_authors):
      	Disable Eel text and ifdef with GNOME2_CONVERSION_COMPLETE.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-global-preferences.h:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-global-preferences.c:
      	Turn off font-related preferences. Maybe delete later or
      	convert for Pango fonts.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-canvas-item.h:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-container.h:
      	Remove eel-scalable-font.h includes.
      	* src/nautilus-component-adapter-factory.c:
      	Disable the adapter because it was causing problems.
  11. 02 Jan, 2002 1 commit
  12. 21 Dec, 2001 1 commit
    • Michael Meeks's avatar
      fix strcmp style for Darin. · b14ecf32
      Michael Meeks authored
      2001-12-18  Michael Meeks  <michael@ximian.com>
      	* components/hardware/nautilus-hardware-view.c
      	(setup_overview_form): fix strcmp style for Darin.
      	* components/music/fileinfo.c (find_genre_id),
      	(file_info_http): ditto.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-customization-data.c
      	(nautilus_customization_data_new): ditto.
      	* src/nautilus-property-browser.c
      	(make_category_link, make_drag_image): ditto.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-volume-monitor.c
      	(option_list_has_option): ditto.
      2001-12-17  Michael Meeks  <michael@ximian.com>
      	* src/file-manager/fm-directory-view.c
      	(fm_directory_view_init): set mask.
      	* src/nautilus-view-frame.c
      	(create_corba_objects): set ambient property bag.
      	(nautilus_view_frame_get_prop): impl.
      	(send_history): re-implement to fire event instead.
      	* components/history/nautilus-history-view.c
      	(nautilus_history_view_instance_init): set mask.
      	(history_changed_callback, update_history): constify.
      	* libnautilus/nautilus-view.c
      	(impl_Nautilus_View_history_changed): kill.
      	(impl_Nautilus_View_selection_changed): kill.
      	connect to set_frame.
      	(nautilus_view_set_frame_callback): impl.
      	(nautilus_view_dispose): impl. to unset the frame
      	(nautilus_view_class_init): upd signals, epv & hook
      	(nautilus_view_frame_property_changed_callback): impl.
      	(nautilus_view_get_ambient_properties): impl.
      	(nautilus_view_set_listener_mask): impl.
      	* libnautilus/nautilus-view-component.idl: remove
      	title_changed and history_changed - use a propert
      	and the more flexible listener interface.
  13. 18 Dec, 2001 1 commit
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Do text drawing with Pango for the anti-aliased case. Remove all use of · 0e61a2dc
      Darin Adler authored
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-canvas-item.h:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-canvas-item.c:
      	(nautilus_icon_canvas_item_get_arg), (draw_or_measure_label_text),
      	(measure_label_text), (create_label_layout), (get_label_layout),
      	(draw_label_layout), (draw_or_measure_label_text_aa),
      	(draw_label_text_aa), (nautilus_icon_canvas_item_class_init):
      	Do text drawing with Pango for the anti-aliased case. Remove all
      	use of the non-Pango Eel anti-aliased text drawing code.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-container.h:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-container.c: (finalize),
      	* src/file-manager/fm-icon-view.c: (create_icon_container),
      	Remove the smooth-font stuff. We're going to use a single font
      	once we change everything to use Pango.
      	* icons/Makefile.am: Remove help-system icons.
      	* icons/hyperbola-*: Remove help-system icons.
  14. 13 Dec, 2001 1 commit
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Deleted help component as it is not slated to be part of Gnome 2. · 22ac93ef
      Darin Adler authored
      	* components/Makefile.am:
      	* components/help/*:
      	* nautilus.spec.in:
      	Deleted help component as it is not slated to be part of Gnome 2.
      	* RENAMING: No need to rename hyperbola if it's gone.
      	* configure.in: Removed ScrollKeeper check. Took a cut at making
      	the medusa check use pkg-config, it's probably messed up but at
      	least we won't define HAVE_MEDUSA if we see the Gnome 1 medusa.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-canvas-item.c:
      	(draw_or_measure_label_text_aa), (draw_label_text_aa),
      	Quick cut at porting to Pango from Eel font code. It's all under
      	ifdef USE_EEL_TEXT because it's not working well yet. At the moment
      	the text looks bad, and it's very slow, and it's not centered.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-factory.c: (embed_text):
      	Baby steps at doing the port to Pango here too.
              * src/file-manager/fm-directory-view.c: (real_update_menus):
              Add a check for NULL that seems required. This change was
              suggested by the backtrace in bug 66809, but it's not clear
              if this really fixes anything. (Rolled from stable branch.)
      	* src/file-manager/fm-icon-view.c: (icon_view_handle_uri_list):
      	Fix code that passed a path instead of a URI when creating a
              desktop file. (Rolled from stable branch.)
      	* TODO: Minor updates.
  15. 11 Dec, 2001 1 commit
    • Laszlo Peter's avatar
      s/__FUNCTION__/G_GNUC_FUNCTION/ · 57b74638
      Laszlo Peter authored
      2001-12-11  Laszlo Peter  <laca@ireland.sun.com>
              * libnautilus-private/nautilus-authn-manager.c:
              * libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory-background.c: get rid of
              * libnautilus-private/nautilus-volume-monitor.c
              (nautilus_volume_get_device_type): remove "const" to match the
  16. 09 Dec, 2001 1 commit
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Do fix based on patch from Martin Wehner <mwehner@tfh-berlin.de> to · 0df7aba6
      Darin Adler authored
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-file-operations.c:
      	(handle_transfer_ok): Do fix based on patch from Martin Wehner
      	<mwehner@tfh-berlin.de> to prevent cancel of emptying trash or
      	deleting from core dumping.
      	* Makefile.am:
      	* configure.in:
      	* docs/.cvsignore:
      	* docs/Makefile.am:
      	Add files in the docs directory to tarball.
      	* libnautilus/nautilus-view-standard-main.c:
      	(nautilus_view_standard_main_multi): Whitespace tweak.
  17. 08 Dec, 2001 1 commit
    • Michael Meeks's avatar
      unroll control creation, connect to "activate" signal handler not map / · 84204ad0
      Michael Meeks authored
      2001-12-08  Michael Meeks  <michael@ximian.com>
      	* components/tree/nautilus-tree-view.c
      	(nautilus_tree_view_init): unroll control creation,
      	connect to "activate" signal handler not map / unmap
      	on no-window widget GtkScrolledWindow.
      	(tree_map_callback, tree_unmap_callback): kill.
      	(tree_activate_callback): impl.
      	* components/tree/libmain.c
      	(BonoboActivation_Plugin_info) ->
      	* components/tree/Makefile.am: setup ldflags
      	correctly, and a LIBADD so we can activate it
      	* components/throbber/main.c (main): fix for
      	bonobo-activation-server race condition.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-marshal.list:
  18. 07 Dec, 2001 1 commit
  19. 05 Dec, 2001 1 commit
    • Gediminas Paulauskas's avatar
      remove cut'n'pasted functions which are in glib now. don't set close key · 60c93330
      Gediminas Paulauskas authored
      2001-12-05  Gediminas Paulauskas <menesis@delfi.lt>
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-desktop-file-loader.c: remove
      	cut'n'pasted functions which are in glib now.
      	* src/nautilus-about.c (nautilus_about_instance_init): don't set
      	close key accelerator, Gtk+ does that already.
      2001-12-05  Gediminas Paulauskas <menesis@delfi.lt>
      	* configure.in, libnautilus/Makefile.am,
      	libnautilus/libnautilus.pc.in: make libnautilus know to pkg-config
      2001-12-05  Gediminas Paulauskas <menesis@delfi.lt>
      	* components/hardware/main.c, components/help/hyperbola-main.c,
      	components/mozilla/main.c, libnautilus/nautilus-view-standard-main.c,
      	src/nautilus-main.c: (main) get translated messages from nautilus
      	text domain in utf-8.
      	* src/nautilus-window-menus.c: (help_menu_about_nautilus_callback)
      	replace copyright symbol with utf-8 version of it.
  20. 04 Dec, 2001 1 commit
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Fix bugs exposed by "make check". · b1dda721
      Darin Adler authored
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory-async.c:
      	(is_dot_or_dot_dot), (should_skip_file),
      	(dequeue_pending_idle_callback), (directory_load_one),
      	(count_non_skipped_files), (directory_count_callback),
      	(start_monitoring_file_list), (deep_count_one), (mime_list_one):
      	Add new code to handle stuff that we did with a gnome-vfs filter
      	in the old version.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-search-uri.c:
      	(strip_uri_beginning), (tokenize_uri): Fix use of g_strsplit since
      	the meaning of the parameter has changed.
  21. 01 Dec, 2001 2 commits
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Skip over non-element nodes when walking libxml DOM tree. · f576768c
      Darin Adler authored
      	* src/nautilus-property-browser.c: (remove_color),
      	Skip over non-element nodes when walking libxml DOM tree.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-theme.c:
      	(nautilus_theme_get_theme_data_from_theme): Whitespace tweak.
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Roll double-free bug fix from the branch. · a238fef0
      Darin Adler authored
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory-async.c:
      	(top_left_read_callback): Roll double-free bug fix from the branch.
      	* TODO: Some small updates.
      	* components/hardware/nautilus-hardware-view.c:
      	* data/browser.xml:
      	* icons/crux_eggplant/crux_eggplant.xml:
      	* icons/crux_teal/crux_teal.xml:
      	* icons/default.xml:
      	* icons/gnome/gnome.xml:
      	* icons/sierra/sierra.xml:
      	* icons/tahoe/tahoe.xml:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory-background.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-container.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-text-item.c:
      	* src/nautilus-property-browser.c: (add_color_to_browser):
      	* src/nautilus-sidebar-tabs.c: (setup_light_text),
      	(setup_dark_text), (nautilus_sidebar_tabs_init),
      	* src/nautilus-sidebar-title.c:
      	* src/nautilus-sidebar.c: (receive_dropped_color):
      	Changed all rgb:RRRR/GGGG/BBBB to #RRGGBB. We still probably have
      	to handle the old format just for old data files.
      	* libnautilus-private/.cvsignore:
      	nautilus-marshal-guts.h -> nautilus-marshal.h
      	* src/file-manager/fm-directory-view.c:
      	(update_directory_in_scripts_menu): Add filter so that we don't
      	see invisible or backup files in the scripts menu. In the old
      	days, gnome-vfs supplied the filtering.
      	* src/nautilus-about.c: (nautilus_about_finalize),
      	(nautilus_about_instance_init), (nautilus_about_hide),
      	(nautilus_about_hide_on_delete), (nautilus_about_class_init):
      	Get rid of double-destroy problem with about, and fix OK button.
      	* src/nautilus-bookmarks-window.c:
      	(nautilus_bookmarks_window_response_callback): Fix Done button.
      	(create_bookmarks_window): Hook up response callback.
      	(on_window_delete_event), (handle_close_accelerator): Get rid of
      	save_geometry_and_hide, since hide already does that.
      	* src/nautilus-main.c: (main): Add some missing domains for better
      	debugging. We should figure out a way to do this without a list of
  22. 27 Nov, 2001 1 commit
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      Return from get_type() functions is GType, not guint. Deal with errant · 6b6368db
      Owen Taylor authored
      Mon Nov 26 20:34:52 2001  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
              * libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-factory.c:
              * libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-container.h
                libnautilus-private/nautilus-file-operations-progress.h: Return
              from get_type() functions is GType, not guint.
              * components/sample/nautilus-sample-content-view.c
                libnautilus/nautilus-undo-private.h: Deal with
              errant gobject/* includes. (George Karabin)
  23. 22 Nov, 2001 1 commit
    • Michael Meeks's avatar
      fix marshaller. · 50a26e58
      Michael Meeks authored
      2001-11-22  Michael Meeks  <michael@ximian.com>
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-container.c
      	(nautilus_icon_container_class_init): fix marshaller.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-marshal.list: add
      	* src/file-manager/fm-properties-window.c
      	(real_destroy): protect against double destroys.
      Tue Nov 20 21:45:43 2001  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	* configure.in: Add [quoting] around AC_CHECK_HEADERS needed for
      	some autoconf versions.
      	* components/text/nautilus-text-view.c (file_read_callback):
      	text_view->details->text_display is set to NULL in
      	nautilus_text_view_destroy(), so simply check for non-NULL
      	rather than calling GTK_OBJECT_DESTROYED().
      	* src/file-manager/fm-properties-window.c (real_destroy): NULL
      	out name_field here, since it will be destroyed, so we
      	can avoid accessing it in rename_callback.
      	* libnautilus-private/Makefile.am (nautilus-marshal-guts.c): Get rid
      	of nautilus-marshal-guts.h, since glib-genmarshal now generates correct
      	standalone headers.
      	* libnautilus/nautilus-clipboard.c (select_all_callback),
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-entry.c (nautilus_entry_select_all_at_idle):
      	Remove the idle on destrunction of the widget, rather than checking
  24. 21 Nov, 2001 2 commits
    • Michael Meeks's avatar
      fix. · 7a030297
      Michael Meeks authored
      2001-11-21  Michael Meeks  <michael@ximian.com>
      	* test/test-nautilus-wrap-table.c (main): fix.
      	* test/test-nautilus-mime-actions.c (main): upd. init.
      	* test/test.c (test_init): upd.
      	(test_label_new): kill tile_pixbuf support.
      	(test_image_new): ditto.
      	* test/test-nautilus-async-activation.c (main): upd.
      	* test/Makefile.am: add CORE_CFLAGS, update LDADD.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory.c
      	(nautilus_directory_destroy): rename to
      	(nautilus_directory_dispose): this, but leave as a
      	gtk object for now, double emission protect, move
      	removal from directories list to head & split into:
      	(nautilus_directory_finalize): here.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory-async.c
      	(nautilus_directory_async_state_changed): fully remove
    • Michael Meeks's avatar
      kill g_log_domain_glib. · 44af9fae
      Michael Meeks authored
      2001-11-21  Michael Meeks  <michael@ximian.com>
      	* src/nautilus-main.c (main): kill g_log_domain_glib.
      	* components/news/nautilus-news.c (main): ditto.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-marshal.h: upd.
      	* libnautilus/nautilus-view.c (nautilus_view_class_init):
      	update for new marshallers.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory-async.c
      	(nautilus_directory_async_state_changed): #ifdef out
      	* libnautilus/nautilus-clipboard.c
      	(select_all_idle_callback): kill GTK_OBJECT_DESTROYED
      	check; unneccessary.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory.c
      	(nautilus_directory_find_file_by_internal_uri): ditto.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-entry.c
      	(select_all_at_idle): ditto.
      	* components/text/nautilus-text-view.c
      	(file_read_callback): ditto.
      	* src/file-manager/fm-properties-window.c
      	(rename_callback): ditto.
  25. 14 Nov, 2001 1 commit
    • Frédéric Crozat's avatar
      Add detection of automounted volume, don't eject automounted CDROMs · cf6567d4
      Frédéric Crozat authored
      * libnautilus-private/nautilus-volume-monitor.c:
      (volume_is_automounted), (mount_volume_deactivate):
      Add detection of automounted volume, don't eject automounted CDROMs
      * libnautilus-private/nautilus-volume-monitor.c:
      Fix search for volume to modify
  26. 10 Nov, 2001 1 commit
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Remove unused stuff. · 92030834
      Darin Adler authored
              * libnautilus-private/nautilus-horizontal-splitter.c:
              Remove unused stuff.
              * libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-container.c: (destroy),
              (finalize), (nautilus_icon_container_class_init): Fix the
              destroy and finalize code for the new object lifetime rules.
              * libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-dnd.c:
              (nautilus_icon_dnd_fini): Fix another multiple-invocation
              * libnautilus-private/nautilus-program-chooser.c:
              (nautilus_program_chooser_new): Change response codes to
              match the way this worked under GnomeDialog.
              * libnautilus-private/README: Update wording a bit.