1. 11 May, 2001 2 commits
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Changed code that uses g_list_append to use g_list_prepend in all the · 0067b899
      Darin Adler authored
      	* components/help/hyperbola-filefmt.c:
      	(prepend_help_dir_if_exists), (fmt_help_populate_tree):
      	* components/mozilla/nautilus-mozilla-content-view.c:
      	* components/music/fileinfo.c: (mpg123_file_info_box):
      	* components/music/nautilus-music-view.c:
      	* components/notes/nautilus-notes.c: (notes_load_metainfo):
      	* components/throbber/nautilus-throbber.c:
      	* components/tree/nautilus-tree-node.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory-background.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-file-changes-queue.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-file-dnd.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-file-operations.c:
      	(handle_transfer_ok), (nautilus_file_operations_new_folder):
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-file.c: (nautilus_self_check_file):
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-container.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-mime-actions.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-search-uri.c: (tokenize_uri):
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-theme.c: (theme_list_prepend),
      	(theme_get_themes_for_location), (theme_get_default_themes),
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-thumbnails.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-trash-monitor.c:
      	(nautilus_trash_monitor_initialize), (add_one_volume_trash):
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-volume-monitor.c:
      	(get_removable_volumes), (build_volume_list_delta),
      	(get_mount_list), (get_current_mount_list),
      	* src/file-manager/fm-directory-view.c: (prepend_uri_one),
      	* src/file-manager/fm-properties-window.c:
      	* src/nautilus-window-manage-views.c:
      	Changed code that uses g_list_append to use g_list_prepend in all
      	the cases where it was simple enough.
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  2. 10 May, 2001 1 commit
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Integrated a patch from peter@ximian.com to move the · 3ac90bea
      Darin Adler authored
      	MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME-setting code from the main Nautilus program
      	(where it does no good) to the Mozilla component (which is a nicer
      	place for it anyway).
      	While integrating the patch I made some other small cleanups to
      	the Mozilla component and the patch itself. I removed the code to
      	set up LD_LIBRARY_PATH, since it's not needed, and changed the name
      	of some things and simplified others.
      	* components/mozilla/Makefile.am: Define PREFIX.
      	* components/mozilla/main.c: (is_good_mozilla_path),
      	(get_mozilla_path), (set_up_MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME), (main): Add the
      	new code to set up MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME.
      	* src/nautilus-application.c: (finish_startup): Remove the code
      	from the old place.
      	* check-THANKS.pl: Updated.
  3. 09 May, 2001 6 commits
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Added dummy members so we have no illegal empty structures. · 5642c503
      Darin Adler authored
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-metafile-factory.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-vfs-directory.c:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-vfs-file.c:
      	Added dummy members so we have no illegal empty structures.
      	* src/nautilus-sidebar-title.c: (update_emblems): Get rid of some
      	dead code.
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Updated required versions of packages. · d85d9342
      Darin Adler authored
      	* README: Updated required versions of packages.
    • Christian Rose's avatar
      Updated Swedish translation. · a467c1af
      Christian Rose authored
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Started with patch by Yoann Vandoorselaere · dd059b93
      Darin Adler authored
      	<yoann@mandrakesoft.com> to not re-open /proc/mounts each time,
      	but to simply rewind it instead. The patch had a lot of problems
      	on Solaris and when HAVE_CDDA is true, but I reworked it so it
      	should be OK.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-volume-monitor.c: (get_mount_list),
      	(get_current_mount_list): Use rewind.
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Integrated a fixed version of Gene's patch to compile under · 91f928aa
      Darin Adler authored
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-volume-monitor.c:
      	(has_removable_mntent_options), (get_removable_volumes),
      	(volume_is_removable), (volume_is_read_only),
      	(nautilus_volume_monitor_get_mount_name_for_display): Added more
      	ifdefs all over the place. This could be done more elegantly some
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      Integrated patch by Yoann Vandoorselaere <yoann@mandrakesoft.com> · 6364c8c0
      Darin Adler authored
      	to fix a problem where we would try to get metadata for all files
      	in the home directory if it was set to be used as the desktop
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-file-utilities.h:
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-file-utilities.c:
      	(nautilus_get_desktop_directory): Changed this to not bother with
      	the call to create the directory when the home directory is used
      	as the desktop.
      	(nautilus_get_gmc_desktop_directory): New function.
      	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-factory.c:
      	(nautilus_icon_factory_get_icon_for_file): Use
      	nautilus_get_gmc_desktop_directory for the check when deciding to
      	look for old-fashioned gmc metadata.
  4. 08 May, 2001 8 commits
  5. 07 May, 2001 3 commits
    • John Sullivan's avatar
      reviewed by: Darin Adler <darin@eazel.com> · 48df9860
      John Sullivan authored
      	Fixed bug 8122 (Folders opened from the desktop should not
      	reuse frontmost window). The previous behavior was intended to
      	match the behavior of web browsers, but user feedback made it
      	clear that it was confusing and annoying people too much.
      	* src/nautilus-window-manage-views.c:
      	Removed this no-longer-needed function.
      	(open_location): Always create a new window in the desktop case.
    • Darin Adler's avatar
      reviewed by: John Sullivan <sullivan@eazel.com> · 3646403e
      Darin Adler authored
      	Fix bug 8251 (Mozilla component crashes every time I try to view a
      	web page) by putting the same logic for locating Mozilla that is
      	used by galeon into Nautilus.
      	* src/nautilus-application.c: (is_mozilla_path_good),
      	(get_mozilla_path), (find_mozilla): Code to find Mozilla and set
      	up some environment variables that matches the code in galeon's
      	startup script.
      	(finish_startup): New function for initialization code that should
      	be done only in the main Nautilus, not in clients that are going
      	to contact the main Nautilus. More initialization should be moved
      	in here over time. Calls find_mozilla among other things.
      	(nautilus_application_startup): Moved the sound initialization and
      	the code to migrate desktop directory contents inside the new
      	initialization function.
    • Robin Slomkowski's avatar
      changed "arlo/i-directory-aa.png" to "crux_eggplant/i-directory-aa.png" as · 2e50f9a9
      Robin Slomkowski authored
      	* src/nautilus-first-time-druid.c: (make_title_page_icon_box):
      	changed "arlo/i-directory-aa.png" to "crux_eggplant/i-directory-aa.png"
      	as the arlo directory has become depreciated.
  6. 06 May, 2001 1 commit
  7. 05 May, 2001 1 commit
  8. 04 May, 2001 18 commits