Commit fe40ccb4 authored by Alexander Larsson's avatar Alexander Larsson Committed by Alexander Larsson

Require eel 2.11.1

2005-05-17  Alexander Larsson  <>

	Require eel 2.11.1

	* NEWS:
	Update for 2.11.1
parent ddecd2b7
2005-05-17 Alexander Larsson <>
Require eel 2.11.1
Update for 2.11.1
2005-05-17 Alexander Larsson <>
* libnautilus-private/nautilus-view.[ch]:
Major changes in 2.11.1 are:
* Use authentication in external connect to server app
* UI polish
* Allow DnD of location button icon.
* Context menus on location button and location label in browser
* Fix memory leaks
* Fix crashes
* Speed up delete in list view
* Fix rename in list view breaking when there was a file change
* Removed "new terminal" from desktop context menu
If you want this, install the nautilus-open-terminal extension,
its much better than this feature ever was.
* Don't thumbnail files constantly if they're changing
* Fixed a loop that could happen on remote locations when removing
a directory.
* Add properties of the current folder menu item to background
context menu
* Use --no-desktop in default folder handler to avoid taking over
the desktop if you don't run gnome.
Major changes in 2.10.1 are:
* Use less memory for desktop background
* Make authentication work for the external connect-to-server dialog
* Fix leaks
* Redraw less in the list view when deleting
Major changes in 2.10.0 are:
* Some fixes for startup notification to avoid focus-stealing
* Center the file management prefs dialog
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ dnl ===========================================================================
m4_define(art_minver, 2.3.10)
m4_define(bonobo_activation_minver, 2.1.0)
m4_define(bonobo_minver, 2.1.0)
m4_define(eel_minver, 2.10.1)
m4_define(eel_minver, 2.11.1)
m4_define(esound_minver, 0.2.27)
m4_define(glib_minver, 2.6.0)
m4_define(gnome_desktop_minver, 2.9.91)
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