files-view: fix a connect_after

There was a comment where it says it should connect after, but we were
connecting withouth _after.

For now be consistent in the code since we connect with _after elsewhere
, although I'm not sure of the consequences, since this looks like it
worked on the past.

Something to investigate further.
parent 1e5eba1d
......@@ -3723,8 +3723,8 @@ pre_copy_move (NautilusFilesView *directory_view)
* operate on. The ADD_FILES signal is registered as G_SIGNAL_RUN_LAST, so we
* must use connect_after.
g_signal_connect (directory_view, "add-files",
G_CALLBACK (pre_copy_move_add_files_callback), copy_move_done_data);
g_signal_connect_after (directory_view, "add-files",
G_CALLBACK (pre_copy_move_add_files_callback), copy_move_done_data);
return copy_move_done_data;
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