Commit dec0621a authored by Alexander Larsson's avatar Alexander Larsson Committed by Alexander Larsson

Update for release.

2006-12-18  Alexander Larsson  <>

	* NEWS:
	Update for release.
parent 43d19559
2006-12-18 Alexander Larsson <>
Update for release.
2006-12-18 Paolo Borelli <>
* src/nautilus-trash-bar.c:
Major changes in 2.17.1 are:
* Empty trash button in trash
* New menu icons for new document/folder/window
* Ring buffer for debugging
* Fix spinner size
* Open location dialog on desktop defaults to home
* Remove metadata on external delete events
* Draw text selection rectangle using cairo
* Jump to selection on sort order change
* Fix gsequence crash
* Freeze icon view while renaming
* New theming features for icon view
* New icon in about dialog
* Handle scroll button while rubberbanding
* Ellipsize menu button at 16 chars
Major changes in 2.16.3 are:
* Revert a patch that caused icons to move around
* Fix crash introduced in 2.16.2
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