Commit d96a0c46 authored by Razvan Chitu's avatar Razvan Chitu

shell-search-provider: cast pointers to drop const qualifier

The type check instance cast macros provided by GLib produce compiler warnings
when used on const pointers. In order to fix this, cast the pointers to
the non-const variant.
parent 256bea7e
......@@ -181,8 +181,8 @@ search_hit_compare_relevance (gconstpointer a,
NautilusSearchHit *hit_a, *hit_b;
gdouble relevance_a, relevance_b;
hit_a = NAUTILUS_SEARCH_HIT ((gpointer) a);
hit_b = NAUTILUS_SEARCH_HIT ((gpointer) b);
relevance_a = nautilus_search_hit_get_relevance (hit_a);
relevance_b = nautilus_search_hit_get_relevance (hit_b);
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