Commit bfa2d632 authored by Alexander Larsson's avatar Alexander Larsson

nautilus_file_get_owner_name: Don't ever return "me"

This function is used by the property window code to compare the actual
username to one from a function, so don't use "me" unless we're purely
for display purposes.
parent ab6aa9ac
......@@ -5692,7 +5692,8 @@ nautilus_file_get_owner_as_string (NautilusFile *file, gboolean include_real_nam
return NULL;
if (file->details->uid == getuid ()) {
if (include_real_name &&
file->details->uid == getuid ()) {
/* Translators: "Me" is used to indicate the file is owned by me (the current user) */
user_name = g_strdup (_("Me"));
} else if (file->details->owner_real == NULL) {
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