Commit b7a9d2d8 authored by Ernestas Kulik's avatar Ernestas Kulik 🦑

view-icon-ui: set “can-focus” property.

gtk_flow_box_move_cursor() returns early if it isn’t set.

Fixes #176.
parent 74b0a69b
......@@ -190,6 +190,7 @@ constructed (GObject *object)
gtk_flow_box_set_max_children_per_line (GTK_FLOW_BOX (self), 20);
gtk_flow_box_set_selection_mode (GTK_FLOW_BOX (self), GTK_SELECTION_MULTIPLE);
gtk_flow_box_set_homogeneous (GTK_FLOW_BOX (self), FALSE);
gtk_widget_set_can_focus (GTK_WIDGET (self), TRUE);
gtk_widget_set_valign (GTK_WIDGET (self), GTK_ALIGN_START);
gtk_widget_set_margin_top (GTK_WIDGET (self), 10);
gtk_widget_set_margin_start (GTK_WIDGET (self), 10);
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