nautilus-list-view: use parent folder name as location

Design request. Having a full location is too much in most of the cases
and makes all the columns too much wide.
So show only the parent folder name.
parent 2f4b6d6a
......@@ -4645,7 +4645,7 @@ nautilus_file_get_trash_original_file_parent_as_string (NautilusFile *file)
parent = nautilus_file_get_parent (orig_file);
location = nautilus_file_get_location (parent);
filename = g_file_get_parse_name (location);
filename = g_file_get_basename (location);
g_object_unref (location);
nautilus_file_unref (parent);
......@@ -1828,13 +1828,7 @@ location_cell_data_func (GtkTreeViewColumn *column,
where = g_strdup ("");
} else if (g_file_has_prefix (dir_location, base_location)) {
gchar *relative_path;
relative_path = g_file_get_relative_path (base_location,
where = g_filename_display_name (relative_path);
g_free (relative_path);
where = g_file_get_basename (dir_location);
if (where != NULL) {
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