release: prepare for 3.17.2

parent 0fb580e5
Major changes in 3.17.2:
* Fix window focus issues when starting nautilus (Carlos Soriano)
* Fix handling of command line options in diferent cases (Carlos Soriano)
* Decrease the padding on list view (Carlos Soriano)
* Use a dialog for creating folders (Georges Basile Stavracas Neto)
* Use a dialog for renaming files (Carlos Soriano)
* Allow F5 and ctrl+r as shortcuts for refresh the view (Carlos Soriano)
* Make the zoom slider the preference itself (Carlos Soriano)
* Allow opening with a different app than default for multiple files (Carlos Soriano)
* Fix view scrolling when selecting with ctrl + mouse (Georges Basile Stavracas Neto)
* Don't always make the sidebar visible on start (Antonio Fernandes)
* Allow opening folders with another app (Carlos Soriano)
* Show Delete Permanently on systems that does not support Trash (Carlos Soriano)
* Add Alt<down> shorcut for opening
* Fix some icons sizes inconsistency (Cosimo Cechi)
* Add public API documentation for Nautilus extensions (Cosimo Cechi)
* Add a gsetting to toggle recursive search (Felipe Borges)
Major changes in 3.16.0:
* Support multiple desktop names in XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP (Dmitry Shachnev)
* Workaround distcheck (Carlos Soriano)
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ dnl Interface break is not allowed.
m4_define(nautilus_extension_current, 5)
m4_define(nautilus_extension_revision, 0)
dnl ===========================================================================
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