Commit a5a405d6 authored by Ernestas Kulik's avatar Ernestas Kulik 🦑

.gitlab-ci.yml: Disable coverage reports for flatpak

Good to know that libgcov is useless.
parent 2cca1945
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......@@ -54,11 +54,11 @@ flatpak devel:
stage: test
MANIFEST_PATH: "build-aux/flatpak/org.gnome.Nautilus.yml"
MESON_ARGS: "-Dprofile=Devel -Dtests=all -Db_coverage=true"
MESON_ARGS: "-Dprofile=Devel -Dtests=all"
FLATPAK_MODULE: "nautilus"
APP_ID: "org.gnome.NautilusDevel"
extends: '.flatpak_gcovr'
extends: '.flatpak'
stage: deploy
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