application: handle open

When some application uses gtk_uri_open, it uses GApplication
open support to call applications which handle opening files.

To be allowed to do that, it's needed to override the open vfunc
of GApplication.

Since we did the change to parse our command line options on ourselves,
it's not longer a problem to use the open vfunc, since it's only
only used when called from dbus open.
parent b3d37f7f
......@@ -477,6 +477,12 @@ nautilus_application_open_location (NautilusApplication *application,
nautilus_profile_end (NULL);
/* Note: when launched from command line we do not reach this method
* since we manually handle the command line parameters in order to
* parse --no-default-window, etc.
* However this method is called when open() is called via dbus, for
* instance when gtk_uri_open () is called from outside.
static void
nautilus_application_open (GApplication *app,
GFile **files,
......@@ -1195,6 +1201,7 @@ nautilus_application_class_init (NautilusApplicationClass *class)
application_class->quit_mainloop = nautilus_application_quit_mainloop;
application_class->dbus_register = nautilus_application_dbus_register;
application_class->dbus_unregister = nautilus_application_dbus_unregister;
application_class->open = nautilus_application_open;
gtkapp_class = GTK_APPLICATION_CLASS (class);
gtkapp_class->window_added = nautilus_application_window_added;
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