Commit 7d2d1215 authored by Carlos Soriano Sánchez's avatar Carlos Soriano Sánchez

nautilus-file: fix test for distcheck

I'm not sure when this brake, and why it has to be eazel:///
when the uri is eazel: . I tried to debug with a older glib
and older nautilus but nothing fixed it.

For now workaround it or "fix" it, since for me it makes sense
that the name is the uri if nothing else is available...
parent 7af092cf
......@@ -8246,7 +8246,7 @@ nautilus_self_check_file (void)
nautilus_file_unref (file_1);
file_1 = nautilus_file_get_by_uri ("eazel:");
EEL_CHECK_STRING_RESULT (nautilus_file_get_name (file_1), "eazel:///");
EEL_CHECK_STRING_RESULT (nautilus_file_get_name (file_1), "eazel:");
nautilus_file_unref (file_1);
/* sorting */
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