Commit 7686ba98 authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

icon-container: plug a leak

parent 705d8144
......@@ -106,13 +106,13 @@ fm_icon_container_get_icon_images (NautilusIconContainer *container,
g_strfreev (emblems_to_ignore);
icon_info = nautilus_file_get_icon (file, size, flags);
pixbuf = nautilus_icon_info_get_pixbuf (icon_info);
/* apply emblems */
if (emblem_icons != NULL) {
l = emblem_icons;
emblem = g_emblem_new (l->data);
pixbuf = nautilus_icon_info_get_pixbuf (icon_info);
emblemed_icon = g_emblemed_icon_new (G_ICON (pixbuf), emblem);
g_object_unref (emblem);
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