Commit 74f748e6 authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

pathbar: use a private struct

parent 84e06046
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......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
typedef struct _NautilusPathBar NautilusPathBar;
typedef struct _NautilusPathBarClass NautilusPathBarClass;
typedef struct _NautilusPathBarDetails NautilusPathBarDetails;
#define NAUTILUS_TYPE_PATH_BAR (nautilus_path_bar_get_type ())
......@@ -38,33 +38,8 @@ typedef struct _NautilusPathBarClass NautilusPathBarClass;
struct _NautilusPathBar
GtkContainer parent;
GdkWindow *event_window;
GFile *root_path;
GFile *home_path;
GFile *desktop_path;
GFile *current_path;
gpointer current_button_data;
GList *button_list;
GList *first_scrolled_button;
GList *fake_root;
GtkWidget *up_slider_button;
GtkWidget *down_slider_button;
guint settings_signal_id;
gint icon_size;
gint16 slider_width;
gint16 spacing;
gint16 button_offset;
guint timer;
guint slider_visible : 1;
guint need_timer : 1;
guint ignore_click : 1;
unsigned int drag_slider_timeout;
gboolean drag_slider_timeout_for_up_button;
NautilusPathBarDetails *priv;
struct _NautilusPathBarClass
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