Commit 749c5f0f authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

release: prepare for 3.5.5

parent 50711e28
Major changes in 3.5.5 are:
* Combine results from both search providers
* Use a ranking algorithm for search results
* Preselect first search result
* Add a keybinding for the gear menu
* Improve styling for the search query editor
* Fix Ctrl+V not working correctly
* Fix previewers not being activated correctly
* Fix search not to trigger on the desktop window
* Fix pathbar scroll button styling bugs
Major changes in 3.5.4 are:
* Add Copy To and Move To actions
* Add a notification while ejecting volumes
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ dnl Interface break is not allowed.
m4_define(nautilus_extension_current, 5)
m4_define(nautilus_extension_revision, 0)
AC_INIT(nautilus, 3.5.4,
AC_INIT(nautilus, 3.5.5,
dnl ===========================================================================
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