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Update for release

2008-12-01  Alexander Larsson  <>

	* NEWS:
	Update for release

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2008-12-01 Alexander Larsson <>
Update for release
2008-11-21 Cosimo Cecchi <>
* completely remove librsvg checks.
Major changes in 2.25.1 are:
* Remove depencency on libgnome & gnome-vfs
* Fix crashes
* Chop trailing space characters when moving to FAT file system
* When DnD'ing, COPY instead of MOVE, when the source is not deletable
* Don't set default when opening with other app, just add to open with list.
* Don't make copies of files from readonly source (e.g. CDROM) readonly
* Don't show cancel dialog when showing the "run or display" dialog
Major changes in 2.24.0 are:
* Icon/compact view:
* Follow run-time changes to set of icon text attributes to be displayed
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