Commit 5137485e authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera Committed by Carlos Soriano

properties-window: Remove never set variables

The total_count and total_size struct members were read but never set.
This has been the case since the original "multi-file" support was added
for the size reporting in commit 70f0260c
parent 00986cbc
Pipeline #58204 passed with stages
in 7 minutes and 4 seconds
......@@ -118,9 +118,6 @@ struct _NautilusPropertiesWindow
GList *deep_count_files;
guint deep_count_spinner_timeout_id;
guint total_count;
goffset total_size;
guint long_operation_underway;
GList *changed_files;
......@@ -2251,8 +2248,8 @@ directory_contents_value_field_update (NautilusPropertiesWindow *window)
total_count = window->total_count;
total_size = window->total_size;
total_count = 0;
total_size = 0;
unreadable_directory_count = FALSE;
for (l = window->target_files; l; l = l->next)
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