Commit 4f05a1be authored by Timothy OBrien's avatar Timothy OBrien Committed by Carlos Soriano

nautilus-canvas-dnd.c: destroy drag_info.selection_cache on drag_end_callback()

When the user is dragging items between locations, a drag_info.selection_cache is initialized within drag_begin_callback(). However, unlike other caches, the drag_info.selection_cache is never destroyed by drag_end_callback() once the drag operation is complete.

This patch frees the drag_info.selection_cache once the user drag action is complete.

Fixes #787
parent 193a0b56
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in 11 minutes and 38 seconds
......@@ -593,8 +593,10 @@ drag_end_callback (GtkWidget *widget,
stop_cache_selection_list (&dnd_info->drag_info);
nautilus_drag_destroy_selection_list (dnd_info->drag_info.selection_list);
nautilus_drag_destroy_selection_list (dnd_info->drag_info.selection_cache);
nautilus_drag_destroy_selection_list (container->details->dnd_source_info->selection_cache);
dnd_info->drag_info.selection_list = NULL;
dnd_info->drag_info.selection_cache = NULL;
container->details->dnd_source_info->selection_cache = NULL;
nautilus_window_end_dnd (window, context);
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