Commit 4484f67b authored by Adrian Zatreanu's avatar Adrian Zatreanu Committed by Razvan Chitu

batch-rename-dialog: Make ``check_conflict_for_files`` private

This function is only used inside the class file,
so it should not be public.
parent 3c00fa34
...@@ -1037,7 +1037,7 @@ update_listbox (NautilusBatchRenameDialog *dialog) ...@@ -1037,7 +1037,7 @@ update_listbox (NautilusBatchRenameDialog *dialog)
} }
} }
void static void
check_conflict_for_files (NautilusBatchRenameDialog *dialog, check_conflict_for_files (NautilusBatchRenameDialog *dialog,
NautilusDirectory *directory, NautilusDirectory *directory,
GList *files) GList *files)
...@@ -230,10 +230,6 @@ void nautilus_batch_rename_dialog_query_finished (NautilusB ...@@ -230,10 +230,6 @@ void nautilus_batch_rename_dialog_query_finished (NautilusB
GHashTable *hash_table, GHashTable *hash_table,
GList *selection_metadata); GList *selection_metadata);
void check_conflict_for_files (NautilusBatchRenameDialog *dialog,
NautilusDirectory *directory,
GList *files);
#endif #endif
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