Commit 3deb33d4 authored by Nelson Benítez León's avatar Nelson Benítez León Committed by Nelson Benítez León

eel-canvas: ignore extra mouse button events

Ignore button press/release events for mouse buttons greater
than 5 so allowing forward and backward mouse buttons to work
over icons.

Part of bug 660006
Signed-off-by: Nelson Benítez León's avatarNelson Benitez Leon <>
parent 49c753b1
......@@ -3006,6 +3006,10 @@ eel_canvas_button (GtkWidget *widget, GdkEventButton *event)
canvas = EEL_CANVAS (widget);
/* Don't handle extra mouse button events */
if (event->button > 5)
return FALSE;
* dispatch normally regardless of the event's window if an item has
* has a pointer grab in effect
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