Commit 3db12270 authored by Ernestas Kulik's avatar Ernestas Kulik 🦑 Committed by Ernestas Kulik

build: Don’t index into gnome.compile_resources() array

Even considering the fact that was reverted, maybe it’s
not such a good idea to trust the docs and use magical indices.
parent 8c944770
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......@@ -20,8 +20,7 @@ libnautilus_sources = [
# The header is only used by the main executable, no need to add it here.
......@@ -307,7 +306,7 @@ libnautilus_dep = declare_dependency(
# the header, generated by glib-compile-resources. Passing it on from here
# will ensure that an internal compile-time dependency is placed on this file,
# thus avoiding failures that are difficult to reproduce.
sources: resources[1]
sources: resources
nautilus = executable(
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