Commit 2e04a287 authored by Ernestas Kulik's avatar Ernestas Kulik 🦑

pathbar: rename method instance parameters
parent fbeb8f85
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -29,12 +29,12 @@ struct _NautilusPathBarClass
GtkContainerClass parent_class;
void (* path_clicked) (NautilusPathBar *path_bar,
void (* path_clicked) (NautilusPathBar *self,
GFile *location);
void (* open_location) (NautilusPathBar *path_bar,
void (* open_location) (NautilusPathBar *self,
GFile *location,
GtkPlacesOpenFlags flags);
void nautilus_path_bar_set_path (NautilusPathBar *path_bar, GFile *file);
void nautilus_path_bar_set_path (NautilusPathBar *self, GFile *file);
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