Commit 2c3191c5 authored by William Jon McCann's avatar William Jon McCann
parent 4d2c8c1a
...@@ -70,23 +70,10 @@ ...@@ -70,23 +70,10 @@
</placeholder> </placeholder>
</menu> </menu>
<placeholder name="Other Menus"> <placeholder name="Other Menus">
<menu action="Go">
<placeholder name="Navigation Items">
<menuitem name="Up" action="Up"/>
<menuitem name="Back" action="Back"/>
<menuitem name="Forward" action="Forward"/>
<menuitem name="Home" action="Home"/>
<menuitem name="Go to Templates" action="Go to Templates"/>
<menuitem name="Go to Trash" action="Go to Trash"/>
<menuitem name="Go to Network" action="Go to Network"/>
<menuitem name="Go to Location" action="Go to Location"/>
<menuitem name="Search" action="Search"/>
<menu action="Bookmarks"> <menu action="Bookmarks">
<menuitem name="Add Bookmark" action="Add Bookmark"/> <menuitem name="Add Bookmark" action="Add Bookmark"/>
<menuitem name="Edit Bookmark" action="Edit Bookmarks"/> <menuitem name="Edit Bookmark" action="Edit Bookmarks"/>
<menuitem name="Go to Location" action="Go to Location"/>
<separator/> <separator/>
<placeholder name="Bookmarks Placeholder"/> <placeholder name="Bookmarks Placeholder"/>
</menu> </menu>
...@@ -435,39 +435,6 @@ connect_proxy_cb (GtkActionGroup *action_group, ...@@ -435,39 +435,6 @@ connect_proxy_cb (GtkActionGroup *action_group,
gtk_label_set_max_width_chars (label, MENU_ITEM_MAX_WIDTH_CHARS); gtk_label_set_max_width_chars (label, MENU_ITEM_MAX_WIDTH_CHARS);
} }
static const char* icon_entries[] = {
"/MenuBar/Other Menus/Go/Home",
"/MenuBar/Other Menus/Go/Go to Templates",
"/MenuBar/Other Menus/Go/Go to Trash",
"/MenuBar/Other Menus/Go/Go to Network",
"/MenuBar/Other Menus/Go/Go to Location"
* refresh_go_menu:
* Refresh list of bookmarks at end of Go menu to match centralized history list.
* @window: The NautilusWindow whose Go menu will be refreshed.
static void
nautilus_window_initialize_go_menu (NautilusWindow *window)
GtkUIManager *ui_manager;
GtkWidget *menuitem;
int i;
ui_manager = nautilus_window_get_ui_manager (NAUTILUS_WINDOW (window));
for (i = 0; i < G_N_ELEMENTS (icon_entries); i++) {
menuitem = gtk_ui_manager_get_widget (
gtk_image_menu_item_set_always_show_image (
static void static void
action_new_window_callback (GtkAction *action, action_new_window_callback (GtkAction *action,
gpointer user_data) gpointer user_data)
...@@ -914,7 +881,6 @@ nautilus_window_initialize_menus (NautilusWindow *window) ...@@ -914,7 +881,6 @@ nautilus_window_initialize_menus (NautilusWindow *window)
gtk_ui_manager_add_ui_from_resource (ui_manager, "/org/gnome/nautilus/nautilus-shell-ui.xml", NULL); gtk_ui_manager_add_ui_from_resource (ui_manager, "/org/gnome/nautilus/nautilus-shell-ui.xml", NULL);
nautilus_window_initialize_trash_icon_monitor (window); nautilus_window_initialize_trash_icon_monitor (window);
nautilus_window_initialize_go_menu (window);
} }
void void
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