Commit 2bd2e4e5 authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

shell-ui: remove duplicate actions in gear menu for app menu

These days, GTK+ just shows an app menu on the headerbar.
parent a4e72905
......@@ -37,13 +37,11 @@
<popup name="ActionMenu" accelerators="true">
<placeholder name="New Items Placeholder">
<menuitem name="New Tab" action="New Tab"/>
<menuitem name="New Window" action="New Window"/>
<placeholder name="Open Placeholder"/>
<placeholder name="Location Placeholder"/>
<menuitem name="Connect to Server" action="Connect to Server"/>
<placeholder name="File Items Placeholder"/>
......@@ -56,30 +54,15 @@
<placeholder name="Select Items"/>
<placeholder name="File Items Placeholder"/>
<menuitem name="Preferences" action="Preferences"/>
<menuitem name="Add Bookmark" action="Add Bookmark"/>
<menuitem name="Edit Bookmark" action="Edit Bookmarks"/>
<menuitem name="Enter Location" action="Enter Location"/>
<menuitem name="LocationProperties" action="LocationProperties"/>
<placeholder name="Extension Actions"/>
<placeholder name="Close Items Placeholder">
<menuitem name="Close All Windows" action="Close All Windows"/>
<menuitem name="Close" action="Close"/>
<menuitem name="About" action="About Nautilus"/>
<menu action="Help">
<menuitem action="NautilusHelp"/>
<menuitem action="NautilusHelpSearch"/>
<menuitem action="NautilusHelpSort"/>
<menuitem action="NautilusHelpLost"/>
<menuitem action="NautilusHelpShare"/>
<popup name="background">
<placeholder name="Before Zoom Items">
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