Commit 2bbc67cd authored by Jiří Černý's avatar Jiří Černý Committed by Carlos Soriano Sánchez

shell-search-provider: do not search for whole words only

Starting from 3.20 the shell search works only for whole words, not
prefixes. Make it work again.
parent 7ffc8834
......@@ -329,7 +329,7 @@ nautilus_search_engine_tracker_start (NautilusSearchProvider *provider)
" nfo:fileLastAccessed ?atime;"
" tracker:available true;");
g_string_append_printf (sparql, " fts:match '\"%s*\"'", search_text);
g_string_append_printf (sparql, " fts:match '\"%s\"*'", search_text);
if (mime_count > 0)
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