Commit 2043d6b6 authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

file: remove unused code

We're repurposing the same function name for something different in the
next commit.
parent bba0a231
......@@ -227,8 +227,7 @@ NautilusFile *nautilus_file_new_from_info (NautilusDirectory
GFileInfo *info);
void nautilus_file_emit_changed (NautilusFile *file);
void nautilus_file_mark_gone (NautilusFile *file);
void nautilus_file_set_directory (NautilusFile *file,
NautilusDirectory *directory);
gboolean nautilus_file_get_date (NautilusFile *file,
NautilusDateType date_type,
time_t *date);
......@@ -2640,13 +2640,6 @@ nautilus_file_update_name_and_directory (NautilusFile *file,
return TRUE;
nautilus_file_set_directory (NautilusFile *file,
NautilusDirectory *new_directory)
nautilus_file_update_name_and_directory (file, NULL, new_directory);
static Knowledge
get_item_count (NautilusFile *file,
guint *count)
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