Commit 1f623605 authored by Andy Hertzfeld's avatar Andy Hertzfeld

fixed recently introduced problems with escaping, plus added call to

       fixed recently introduced problems with escaping, plus added
       call to gtk_main_iteration inside the config gather loop
parent 10502b57
2000-04-13 Andy Hertzfeld <>
* components/services/startup/nautilus-service-startup-view.c:
fixed problems with the url escaping by unescaping the token
return by the service before re-escaping it
* components/services/startup/eazel-register.c:
added periodic call to gtk_main_iteration during configuration gather
to get feedback displayed
2000-04-13 Andy Hertzfeld <>
added Susan's images to service registration and configuration upload
......@@ -91,6 +91,10 @@ void add_package_info(xmlDoc* configuration_metafile)
current_offset = rpmdbNextRecNum(rpm_db, current_offset);
/* donate some time to gtk to handle updates, etc */
while (gtk_events_pending())
/* update the count */
......@@ -226,18 +226,22 @@ gather_config_button_cb (GtkWidget *button, NautilusServicesContentView *view)
/* send the config file to the server via HTTP */
uri = g_strdup_printf("http://%s/profile/", SERVICE_DOMAIN_NAME);
gethostname(&host_name[0], 511);
encoded_token = gnome_vfs_escape_string(view->details->auth_token, GNOME_VFS_URI_ENCODING_XALPHAS);
encoded_host_name = gnome_vfs_escape_string(host_name, GNOME_VFS_URI_ENCODING_XALPHAS);
gethostname(&host_name[0], 511);
cookie_str = g_strdup_printf("token=%s; computer=%s", encoded_token, encoded_host_name);
request = make_http_post_request(uri, config_string, cookie_str);
response_str = ghttp_get_body(request);
g_message("config response was %s", response_str);
......@@ -268,7 +272,7 @@ register_button_cb (GtkWidget *button, NautilusServicesContentView *view)
gchar *password = gtk_entry_get_text(GTK_ENTRY(view->details->account_password));
gchar *confirm = gtk_entry_get_text(GTK_ENTRY(view->details->confirm_password));
gboolean registered_ok = FALSE;
/* see if the email address is valid; if not, display an error */
if (!strlen(email) || !strchr(email,'@')) {
......@@ -334,13 +338,14 @@ register_button_cb (GtkWidget *button, NautilusServicesContentView *view)
service_node = xmlNewDocNode(service_doc, NULL, (const CHAR*) "SERVICE", NULL);
service_doc->root = service_node;
xmlSetProp(service_node, "domain", SERVICE_DOMAIN_NAME);
xmlSetProp(service_node, "token", temp_str);
/* save the token in the view object for subsequent accesses */
if (view->details->auth_token)
view->details->auth_token = g_strdup(temp_str);
view->details->auth_token = g_strdup(gnome_vfs_unescape_string(temp_str));
xmlSetProp(service_node, "token", view->details->auth_token);
temp_filename = g_strdup_printf("%s/.nautilus/service.xml", g_get_home_dir());
xmlSaveFile(temp_filename, service_doc);
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