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    Implement renaming with change notifications · eaf3c3ec
    Ernestas Kulik authored
    This is fairly bare-bones in that there is still a couple of
    problems to solve before this is actually useful.
    1. Rename task: error signaling? Possible solutions are:
        1. Block thread on each error, fire a signal and wait for return
        2. Collect all errors, fire a signal, wait for return value.
        3. Pass errors to the “finished” signal.
    2. Although unlikely, but, in theory, the changes queue could never get
       flushed, as the timer is reset with each push (a hardcoded limit can
       be used, which would force a flush - sound familiar? :p).
    3. Rename task (again): the “finished” signal will usually arrive before
       changed files and their parents are notified, which presents a
       glorious race to work around in the test executable (quitting the
       main loop, namely).
    There is probably something else that I forgot to mention.