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    nautilus-list-view: Clear selection and cursor in clear() · 335fbbc2
    Xiang Fan authored
    When the current cursor's row gets deleted, GTK will move the cursor to
    the next row, and when setting the cursor it also selects the new
    cursor's row, thereby triggering selection signals. The new cursor will
    soon be deleted again and the loop repeats.
    Since clear() removes all entries, those selections are useless but they
    take up most of the time in clear(). For example, when a search returns
    a large list, exiting from the search view would make nautilus hang.
    At the time simply removing the cursor solves the problem, but to be
    future-proof in case GTK does anything fancy with the current selection,
    this commit also removes the selection.
    Because GTK internally seeking the cursor takes time, only blocking the
    selection signal like everywhere else will not remove that overhead.