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    query-editor: cancel search with entry's signal · dc2dffd6
    Georges Basile Stavracas Neto authored
    After the introduction of GtkSearchEntry by commit
    5521f24f, the Esc key stopped working, specifically
    after the introduction of the GtkSearchEntry::'stop-search'
    The old approach of adding a GtkBindingSet directly to the
    NautilusQueryEditor class then stopped working, as the Esc
    key won't be propagated by the search entry. Without the key
    catch, the NautlisQueryEditor::'cancel' signal couldn't be
    fired, which causes the Esc issue.
    By listening to the GtkSearchEntry::'stop-search' signal
    and sending NautilusQueryEditor::'cancel' right after,
    the Esc key is correctly detected and the problem is
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