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    reviewed by: Pavel Cisler <pavel@eazel.com> · f933accf
    Dan Mueth authored
    2001-02-22  Dan Mueth  <dan@eazel.com>
            reviewed by: Pavel Cisler <pavel@eazel.com>
            Generally, I removed old cruft, added COPYING-DOCS, added
            a new HTML doc (nautilus-quick-reference), and updated
            the build stuff and spec file as necessary.
            * COPYING-DOCS: This is the GNU FDL, similar to COPYING.  It
              should be installed with all modules with FDL'd docs.
            * Makefile.am: Added COPYING-DOCS to EXTRA_DIST
            * configure.in: Added nautilus-quick-reference
            * help/Makefile.am: Added nautilus-quick-reference
            * help/htmldocs.make: Created this file.  This is the makefile
              to suck in for html docs.  Be sure to use index.html as
              your primary HTML file and put PNG images into figures/
            This stuff is Vera's new Nautilus Quick Reference doc in HTML
            format. <vera@eazel.com>  I purposefully left out two screenshots
            with the Eazel logo in them.
            * help/nautilus-quick-reference/C/Makefile.am: added
            * help/nautilus-quick-reference/C/figures/colors_small.png: added
            * help/nautilus-quick-reference/C/figures/emblems_small.png: added
            * help/nautilus-quick-reference/C/figures/ff_small.png:
            * help/nautilus-quick-reference/C/figures/find_small.png:
            * help/nautilus-quick-reference/C/figures/locbar_small.png:
            * help/nautilus-quick-reference/C/figures/menubar_small.png:
            * help/nautilus-quick-reference/C/figures/music_small.png:
            * help/nautilus-quick-reference/C/figures/sidebar_small.png:
            * help/nautilus-quick-reference/C/figures/softcat.png:
            * help/nautilus-quick-reference/C/figures/storage.png:
            * help/nautilus-quick-reference/C/figures/themes_small.png:
            * help/nautilus-quick-reference/C/index.html:
            * help/nautilus-quick-reference/C/nautilus-quick-reference-C.omf:
            * help/nautilus-quick-reference/Makefile.am:
            * help/nautilus-user-manual/C/nautilus-user-manual-C.omf: Updated
            * nautilus.spec.in: Added OMF files, Quick Ref, and COPYING-DOCS
            Removed this old stuff:
            * user-guide/C/Makefile.am:
            * user-guide/C/html/license.html:
            * user-guide/C/img/custicon.png:
            * user-guide/C/img/full.png: removed
            * user-guide/C/img/locbar.png:
            * user-guide/C/img/player.png:
            * user-guide/C/img/prefmenu.png:
            * user-guide/C/img/sidebar.png:
            * user-guide/C/img/viewmenu.png:
            * user-guide/C/nautilus-C.omf:
            * user-guide/C/sgml/nautilus.sgml:
            Added this notice so people don't add stuff in user-guide/
            * user-guide/NOTICE: