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    general: Add actions to the toolbar · f278574d
    Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
    Generally actions in Nautilus were accessed through context menus or
    keyboard shorcuts. However, those are not very discoverable and are
    not touch friendly.
    Even more, in list view it was not possible to access background actions
    since there is always a selection, making Nautilus UX quite poor in that
    Also some actions were placed in the app menu, which didn't was not as
    clear for some people given that we have most of actions in the toolbar.
    In all, we came with a new design that solves the main goals of
    discoverability, touch friendly and accessibility for background actions
    and app actions, and now are placed in the toolbar together with an
    overhaul of the looks of Nautilus path bar and search.
    There is still work to do, specifically finding a design that works for
    the selection actions and also to replace the current information
    floating bar. The later might be just a different goal. However this
    goes in the right direction.
    See GNOME/nautilus#322
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