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    general: Don't allow launching binaries or programs in general · 3a22ed5b
    Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
    For long we used to support that since the desktop was part of Nautilus.
    Also, back then we didn't have a Software app where you are expected to
    installs apps. Back then it was common for apps to be delivered in
    a tarball, nowadays that's out of question.
    Now that the desktop is long gone, launching binaries and desktop files
    from within Nautilus is not as useful. Not only that, but we are moving
    towards a more sandboxed system, and we should use the standard and
    system wide support for launching apps based on users choices.
    We also are not able to be secure enough to handle this, as we saw in
    the past we allowed untrusted binaries to be launched, and therefore
    we had a CVE (CVE-2017-14604) for Nautilus. We are not being audited
    (afaik) and we are not in a position that we can let this issues slip.
    With that altogether, this prevents launching binaries or programs from
    Closes: #184
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