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    reviewed by: Eskil · e99889e1
    Dan Mueth authored
    2001-02-17  Dan Mueth  <dan@eazel.com>
            reviewed by: Eskil
            Updated toplevel docs data file. Updated and added FDL/GPL
            licenses. Added OMF file for Nautilus User Guide.
            * Makefile.am:  Adding omf-install/
            * components/help/topleveldocs.xml: Updated toplevel docs
            * configure.in: Adding omf-install and user-guide/gnugpl
            * omf-install/Makefile.am: Added for OMF files
            * user-guide/C/Makefile.am: Updated for OMF file
            * user-guide/C/nautilus-C.omf: Added this OMF file
            * user-guide/Makefile.am: Added gnufdl/
            * user-guide/gnufdl/gnufdl.sgml: Updated
            * user-guide/gnugpl/Makefile.am: Added this file
            * user-guide/gnugpl/gnugpl.sgml: Added this file, GPL
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