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    files-view: add optional menu item for creating links · 0eef0868
    Razvan Chitu authored
    The menu item for creating links was removed in previous versions of nautilus
    since it exposes a concept of the file system that is not really clear.
    However, we don't have a working solution yet for the use cases that creating
    links is a workaround, so we didn't remove the functionality altogether.
    We were allowing link creation with a shortcut and with the middle button while
    performing a drag and drop operation. However, some users would need to use a
    context menu action instead of a drag and drop operation, which usually is less
    convenient and prone to errors.
    Since this is demanded, implement the menu action for it and add a gsetting
    preference to show it in the context menu for those users who like to have it
    Also the new implementation uses the code that is already used for other
    operations, improving the implementation compared to the previous one.
    In an upcoming patch we add the UI for the preference dialog.
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