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GSoC-2022: Add a New File menu item and the code for the New File dialog

Ignacy Kuchciński requested to merge ignapk/nautilus:new-file-dialog into gsoc-2022

Add a New File menu item which opens the New File/Templates dialog depending on whether there are templates in the XDG Templates directory.

Blog post detailing my work for the GSoC project:


  • implement switching between the New File and Templates dialogs
  • fix renaming new files
  • allow choosing other files apart from blank text
  • show the specific file type only if there's an app that can handle it
  • hide the New File menu item if there aren't any apps that can handle the file types
  • AdwEntryRow? AdwClamp?

Replaced !894 (closed), follow up to !888 (merged) See #2205 and Teams/Design/whiteboards#68

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