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      general: add uncrustify script · 4cafccd8
      Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
      The current style of nautilus is rather poor and mixes at least 3
      different code styles.
      Specific issues that affect the most common contributors to Nautilus
      performance are:
      - tabs for multiline alignment.
      - mix of tabs and spaces.
      - errors on no braced one liners conditionals.
      - errors on non braced case statements with variable declarations.
      So I would say requirements for the style is to address the previous
      issues and also be a well known style. I don't want new contributors
      to see a new style completely different from C books authors.
      So far, I found Allman (aka BSD) style which seems the choice of most C
      books authors as far as I can see on internet, and it address the
      previous mentioned issues.
      Since uncrustify doesn't support the aligment of parameters we do for
      multiple stars "**", we also added a script made by Sebastian Wilmet
      to align those.
      As a matter of practicity I'm going to convert all Nautilus style to
      this one, and if the next person who contributes most on Nautilus has
      a different choice, please feel free to change it to whatever makes your
      performance and your contributors performance the best.