1. 10 Jan, 2000 2 commits
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      Rename NautilusViewClient to NautilusViewFrame, NautilusContentViewClient · 78106a73
      Maciej Stachowiak authored
      	* libnautilus/ntl-view-client.c, libnautilus/ntl-view-client.h,
      	libnautilus/ntl-meta-view-client.h,: Rename NautilusViewClient to
      	NautilusViewFrame, NautilusContentViewClient to
      	NautilusContentViewFrame, and NautilusMetaViewClient to
      	* components/help/hyperbola-nav-tree.c,
      	components/websearch/ntl-web-search.c, src/ntl-app.c,
      	src/file-manager/fm-directory-view.h: Reflect the above renaming.
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      made dropping a color on the index panel work (it doesn't save the · 1cfc709b
      Andy Hertzfeld authored
             made dropping a color on the index panel work (it doesn't save the
             metadata yet, though)
  2. 09 Jan, 2000 3 commits
  3. 08 Jan, 2000 1 commit
  4. 07 Jan, 2000 6 commits
  5. 06 Jan, 2000 11 commits
  6. 05 Jan, 2000 4 commits
  7. 04 Jan, 2000 13 commits
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      Remove button now has a little padding; clicking it now moves the selection · dce368dd
      John Sullivan authored
      to the next item in the list.
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      Made bookmarks window have a minimum size. · b3fe0184
      John Sullivan authored
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      just add some braces to make future UIH debugging easier. · e4038bff
      Elliot Lee authored
      just add some braces to make future UIH debugging easier.
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      First attempt at a state transition diagram for the loading process. · 571b26b9
      Elliot Lee authored
      First attempt at a state transition diagram for the loading process.
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      Fix warnings. · b72c59e5
      Elliot Lee authored
      Fix warnings.
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      Added stop_location_change method to NautilusView interface. New signal, · 78860f9f
      Maciej Stachowiak authored
      	* idl/nautilus.idl: Added stop_location_change method to NautilusView interface.
      	* ntl-view-client.c, ntl-view-client.h (stop_location_change): New
      	signal, triggered on receipt of stop_location_change request via
      	* ntl-view.c, ntl-view.h, ntl-view-private.h, ntl-view-nautilus.c,
      	ntl-view-bonobo-control.c, ntl-view-bonobo-subdoc.c
      	(nautilus_view_stop_location_change): Added this function; also
      	added implementation to nautilus view type function table and
      	NULL'd out for now for Bonobo control and subdoc view types (need
      	to find out if loading is synchronous or asynchronous for those,
      	and if there is a way to abort).
      	* ntl-window.c: Stop loading for all views when Stop button is
      	* ntl-window-msgs.c: Enable stop button when we start loading;
      	enable Stop button when
      	* src/file-manager/fm-directory-view.c: Call
      	request_progress_change() when loading is done or an error is
      	reached; implement handler for stop_location_change signal.
    • Maciej Stachowiak's avatar
      Fix warnings. · e992a1c7
      Maciej Stachowiak authored
      2000-01-03  Maciej Stachowiak  <mjs@eazel.com>
      	* src/ntl-prefs.c: Fix warnings.
      	* src/ntl-view.c, src/ntl-view.h, src/ntl-view-frame-svr.c
      	nautilus_view_notify_selection_change, nautilus_view_load_state,
      	nautilus_view_save_state, nautilus_view_show_properties): Made
      	these functions public and removed the corresponding signals;
      	these are operations you do to the NautilusView, not something it
      	informs other parts of the program of.
      	(request_location_change, request_selection_change,
      	request_status_change, request_progress_change): New
      	signals. These allow NautilusView to have less dependence on
      	(nautilus_view_signals): Moved signal number table from view to
      	this static variable.
      	nautilus_view_request_progress_change): Move to ntl-view.c and
      	make them emit the proper signals in lieu of hardcoded handling.
      	* src/ntl-window.c, src/ntl-window.h src/ntl-window-msgs.c,
      	src/ntl-window-msgs.h, src/ntl-window-state.c
      	(request_location_change, request_selection_change,
      	request_status_change, request_progress_change): Removed these
      	signals; they are operations you do on a NautilusWindow, not
      	something it notifies you of, and any usefulness for inheritance
      	purposes is purely speculative right now.
      	(nautilus_window_connect_view, nautilus_window_disconnect_view):
      	Use these new helper functions to connect callbacks to
      	NautilusView's signals instead of expecting them to just get
      	nautilus_view_request_progress_change): Execute bodies of real_
      	versions instead of emitting singals.
      	nautilus_view_real_request_progress_change): Removed these.
      	Finally, always call nautilus_winodow_set_content_view or
      	nautilus_window_add_meta_view before calling
      	nautilus_view_load_client to make sure no signals are lost.
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      The ten minute version of kwebsearch. Handle forms (POST is untested and · 2e9f835f
      Elliot Lee authored
      * components/websearch, configure.in: The ten minute version of kwebsearch.
      * components/html/ntl-web-browser.c: Handle forms (POST is untested and probably buggy).
      * src/ntl-uri-map.c: Check result of file_info retrieval. Load web search by default.
      * src/ntl-prefs.[ch]: First (lame) attempt at implementing application preferences.
      * src/ntl-app.c: Load prefs at startup
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