Commit f597b7e9 authored by Garrett Regier's avatar Garrett Regier

Bug 698252 - Use the activation location for the where string of recent files

parent 2986e4ff
......@@ -311,7 +311,22 @@ vfs_file_get_date (NautilusFile *file,
static char *
vfs_file_get_where_string (NautilusFile *file)
return nautilus_file_get_parent_uri_for_display (file);
GFile *activation_location;
NautilusFile *location;
char *where_string;
if (!nautilus_file_is_in_recent (file)) {
location = nautilus_file_ref (file);
} else {
activation_location = nautilus_file_get_activation_location (file);
location = nautilus_file_get (activation_location);
g_object_unref (activation_location);
where_string = nautilus_file_get_parent_uri_for_display (location);
nautilus_file_unref (location);
return where_string;
static void
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