Commit e2b48065 authored by Nelson Ben's avatar Nelson Ben 👣 Committed by Nelson Ben

Bug 703233 - When you drag a file in nautilus, it updates page

Don't call nautilus_window_slot_open_location for the current
location, as it's already opened and causes an unwanted refresh.

Bug was introduced in commit 0d635bdaSigned-off-by: Nelson Ben's avatarNelson Benítez León <>
parent 35b76688
......@@ -530,10 +530,14 @@ nautilus_view_handle_hover (NautilusView *view,
NautilusWindowSlot *slot;
GFile *location;
GFile *current_location;
slot = nautilus_view_get_nautilus_window_slot (view);
location = g_file_new_for_uri (target_uri);
nautilus_window_slot_open_location (slot, location, 0);
current_location = nautilus_window_slot_get_location (slot);
if (! (current_location != NULL && g_file_equal(location, current_location))) {
nautilus_window_slot_open_location (slot, location, 0);
g_object_unref (location);
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