Commit e18fed56 authored by Jesus Bravo Alvarez's avatar Jesus Bravo Alvarez

Added Galician translation

parent 4c8d7cb5
2000-05-06 Jesus Bravo Alvarez <>
* Added Galician (gl) to ALL_LINGUAS
2000-05-05 Andy Hertzfeld <>
......@@ -276,7 +276,7 @@ dnl Test for libpng
dnl Checks for i18n
ALL_LINGUAS="da ko no ru sv tr"
ALL_LINGUAS="da gl ko no ru sv tr"
# this is the directory where the *.{mo,gmo} files are installed
2000-05-06 Jesus Bravo Alvarez <>
* gl.po: Added Galician translation.
2000-05-04 Fatih Demir <>
* tr.po : Updated the Turkish translation .
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