Commit dd8f3411 authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

file: do not reverse collated order for files with same search rank

When two search results rank equally, we fall back to the collated
Since search is usually ranked reversed (highest at the top), we need to
ensure we don't accidentally reverse the collated order as well.
parent 9f2d8a51
......@@ -3191,6 +3191,9 @@ nautilus_file_compare_for_sort (NautilusFile *file_1,
result = compare_by_search_relevance (file_1, file_2);
if (result == 0) {
result = compare_by_full_path (file_1, file_2);
/* ensure alphabetical order for files of the same relevance */
reversed = FALSE;
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