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Update for release

2008-02-25  Alexander Larsson  <>

	* NEWS:
	Update for release

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2008-02-25 Alexander Larsson <>
Update for release
2008-02-25 Alexander Larsson <>
* src/nautilus-autorun-software.c:
Major changes in 2.21.92 are:
* Build fixes
* Fix crashes and leaks
* Fix handling of desktop file launchers
* Better handling of desktop file icons
* Semitransparent DnD icon support (when composited)
* Avoid showing progress info when dialogs are shown
* Allow minimize of progress window
* Handle beagle >= 0.3.0
* Close properties dialog on escape
* Make custom icons work again
* Fix fuzzy icons
* Duplicate file if copies to the source directory
* Support open with dialog for multiple selected files
* Ressurect connect to server dialog
* Allow theming of free diskspace chart colors
Major changes in 2.21.91 are:
* String cleanups
* Inhibit autorun for things we mount ourselves
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