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release: prepare for 3.9.3

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Major changes in 3.9.3:
* Shade rubberbands on the desktop using the wallpaper color (Ted Gould)
* Port to GtkPlacesSidebar (Federico Mena Quintero)
* Check for available mail clients before enabling sendto
extension (Plamena Manolova)
* Enter location bar upon entering "~" (Garrett Regier)
* Add a menu item to open parent folder of search/recent
items (Garrett Regier)
* Use Shift+Ctrl+Z, not Ctrl+Y, for Redo (Adam Dingle)
* Remove multicontext menu items from editable entries
Major changes in 3.8.2:
* Don't grab focus to search entry needlessly (Rui Matos)
* Increase default size to fit 4 columns of icons (Michael Catanzaro)
* Remove no-longer-existing keys from GConf conversion
* Change 'x-nautilus-search:' To 'Search' in tooltips (Ting-Wei Lan)
* Translation updates
Major changes in 3.8.1 are:
* Use a consistent name for applications in the Open With context menu
* Don't follow symbolic links when searching recursively
* Increase default sidebar width
* Fix resetting view to default preferences not working (Michael Wood)
* Fix behavior of search entry with external Input Methods (Rui Matos)
* Fix partial ranking order of search results
* Fix move of special icons on the Desktop triggering file operations
* Fix copy action not working in Recent
Major changes in 3.8.0 are:
* Fix inconsistency in handling of NoDisplay=true applications
* Translation updates
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ dnl Interface break is not allowed.
m4_define(nautilus_extension_current, 5)
m4_define(nautilus_extension_revision, 0)
dnl ===========================================================================
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