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2000-02-03  Jonathan Blandford  <>

	* gnome-db2html2/README: added README
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2000-02-03 Jonathan Blandford <>
* gnome-db2html2/README: added README
* gnome-db2html2/ Added new converter to list. Does
rough on-the-fly docbook to html conversion. Not perfect yet
(never will be) but good enough (tm) until we can get a better
This is a docbook->html converter. Yes, I know this isn't perfect, and yes,
I know it isn't jade. It is hopefully, however, fast enough that we can
only ship sgml files (as opposed to jade's output) in the short term, until
we can use Mozilla w/ the docbook xsl instead.
For those doc people who want to play with this, and don't want
to configure nautilus, you can compile it with the following
command line:
gcc -o gnome-db2html2 xml-config --cflags --libs gnome-config --cflags --libs glib -Wall -g gdb3html.c toc-elements.c sect-elements.c
You can run it by doing:
gnome-db2html2 file.sgml > file.html
If you want to look at a particular section, do:
gnome-db2html2 file.sgml#sectid > sectid.html
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