Commit a3b4de8a authored by Elliot Lee's avatar Elliot Lee
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Support multiple view types (Nautilus/View, GNOME/Control,

* src/ntl-*.[ch]: Support multiple view types (Nautilus/View, GNOME/Control, GNOME/Embeddable)
* src/ntl-window.[ch]: Add nautilus_window_get_uih()
* idl/*.idl: Reindent.
parent f401968b
......@@ -738,9 +738,6 @@ directory_load_cb (GnomeVFSAsyncHandle *handle,
g_assert(entries_read <= ENTRIES_PER_CB);
FM_DEBUG (("Entering function, %d entries read: %s",
entries_read, gnome_vfs_result_to_string (result)));
view = FM_DIRECTORY_VIEW (callback_data);
if (view->directory_list == NULL) {
......@@ -774,9 +771,6 @@ directory_load_cb (GnomeVFSAsyncHandle *handle,
= gnome_vfs_directory_list_get_position (list);
view->entries_to_display += entries_read;
g_message("%d new entries makes %d total (%d real total)",
entries_read, view->entries_to_display,
if (result == GNOME_VFS_ERROR_EOF) {
display_pending_entries (view);
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