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Update for release

2008-03-28  Alexander Larsson  <>

	* NEWS:
	Update for release

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2008-03-28 Alexander Larsson <>
Update for release
2008-03-28 A. Walton <>
* libnautilus-private/nautilus-progress-info.c:
Major changes in 2.22.1 are:
* Fix crashes and leaks
* Fix emblem display in property page
* Fix mime choosing to not always create application/x-ext-<extension> type
* Actually mount location in external connect to server dialog
* Fix thumbnail size limit checks
* Fix "show hidden" to also show backup files
(was broken in some situations)
* Verify that tracker is running before using it
* Fix desktop file icon handling with absolute filenames
* Use GDesktopAppInfos to launch desktop files
* Don't follow symlinks for deep file count
* Fix audio preview with later gstreamer
* Make "move file over directory" overwrite case work
* Sometimes we failed to ask for overwrite when move
operations falled back to copy + delete
* Make sure we correctly transcode filenames when merging
directories if the directory is on another filesystem.
* Some moves were reported as copies, not moves in the ui
which could cause not up-to-date directory displays
* Don't center file progress dialog if its already displayed
Major changes in 2.22.0 are:
* Fix typo in strings
* Fix crashes
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