Commit 99d70829 authored by William Jon McCann's avatar William Jon McCann

Show all applications in open with tab of properties

If you are going into that tab to change something we should assume
you are looking for something and not require you to click yet again.
Also, this saves some precious vertical screen space by not having
to put a button there.
parent fd22733c
......@@ -314,17 +314,6 @@ nautilus_mime_application_chooser_apply_labels (NautilusMimeApplicationChooser *
g_free (description);
static void
show_more_clicked_cb (GtkWidget *button,
gpointer user_data)
NautilusMimeApplicationChooser *chooser = user_data;
gtk_app_chooser_widget_set_show_other (GTK_APP_CHOOSER_WIDGET (chooser->details->open_with_widget),
gtk_widget_hide (button);
static void
nautilus_mime_application_chooser_build_ui (NautilusMimeApplicationChooser *chooser)
......@@ -360,13 +349,8 @@ nautilus_mime_application_chooser_build_ui (NautilusMimeApplicationChooser *choo
g_signal_connect (chooser->details->open_with_widget, "populate-popup",
G_CALLBACK (populate_popup_cb),
button = gtk_button_new_with_label (_("Show other applications"));
gtk_box_pack_start (GTK_BOX (chooser->details->open_with_widget), button, FALSE, FALSE, 6);
gtk_widget_show_all (button);
g_signal_connect (button, "clicked",
G_CALLBACK (show_more_clicked_cb), chooser);
gtk_app_chooser_widget_set_show_other (GTK_APP_CHOOSER_WIDGET (chooser->details->open_with_widget),
box = gtk_button_box_new (GTK_ORIENTATION_HORIZONTAL);
gtk_box_set_spacing (GTK_BOX (box), 6);
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